The BBC Invasion – In a good way.


If you were faced with someone holding a microphone at you so sweetly, trust me, you wouldn’t be able to resist either.

Turkey is such a trendy country right now, what with the political mess going on and all the European Union talks so it’s no surprise when our journalist friends from America and Europe want to fly over here and join in on the fun. We were contacted by Alex Gallafent from the BBC who is a producer on their TheWorld show and when he asked us to have a little chat with him, how could we refuse? (especially since Erkan and I are total blabber mouths)

When meeting up with journalists, there’s always a little moment of total awkwardness which is generally overcome by getting on with the interview but this time, things happened a little differently.
Whilst waiting for our good friend Erkan, Alex and I had a very nice chat on what he does and the places he traveled to for the show. Once he finally joined us, we then went on to chat and chat and chat about the current situation in Turkey from a more cultural point of view (even though it’s hard to stop Erkan once we start on politics ;) )


Once we were all done with Alex’s questions, we decided to show him around Istiklal even though the wind was so strong it took us twice as long as it generally would, what with trying to walk forward instead of being blown back to the start of the street. Before long, we found ourselves hiding in the fish market (where there is more meat than fish) and I had the displeasure of explaining to Alex what kokorec is. After trying some fried mossels and forcing me to walk till Karakoy at gunpoint, we said our goodbyes and promised to meet up again for another touristic tour before he leaves for Boston.
It’s funny to see the reaction people in the street have when they see a foreigner walking around with a microphone in his hand. You could see dozens of curious eyes glaring at us trying to understand why this crazy looking lady (me, obviously) was pointing at cooking meat and trying to explain what it was while speaking in the big black mic.

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