Tas Plak; fasil disaster.

On Friday night, we were invited by work to a farewell dinner held at “Tas Plak” in Taksim, located in the street right next to Rio de Janeiro, behind Yapi Kredi.
The Tas Plak advertises a ‘Canli Fasil’ on Friday nights, which is traditional Turkish music played while people dine and sing along enjoying a drunk moment amongst family and foes. Generally during fasils, you have small orchestras and a singer who sings all the classic Turkish songs that you’d expect to hear during one of these dinners. Mezes are served while people enjoy raki after raki.. It is quite enjoyable when you’re in a nice restaurant with good food and good music but unfortunately, Taps Plank was far from that.

The restaurant itself is very small, I wouldn’t advise you go there for a company dinner like we did because we ended up tight like sardines. The attitude of the waiters was terrible and don’t even start me on the food. The mezes were not edible. A triple Big Mac at McDonalds would’ve been healthier. The food seemed to have been made several days before and left a bad taste in your mouth. The presentation of the mezes, all stacked up together on a single plate obviously made you wonder if you weren’t dining at an all you can eat buffet. The only enjoyable part to the evening was the music. It was semi decent. When the warm food arrived at the tables, 45 minutes after the mazes were finished, we already knew that the main course would be as bad as the entrees.

The place being extra small, all 40 of us were smoked up extremely quickly. That does make life miserable to a non smoker like me. Most of us didn’t eat the main course and left as fast as we could without waiting for any desert.
I’m generally not picky when it comes to dinners with my friends, but this place was a disgrace.

I hope I won’t be subjected to going there ever again.
(p.s. none of us ever got food poisoned which I guess is always a good thing..)

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