Viktor Levi vs Pano

To be honest, I was going to write about Viktor Levi wine house in Kadıköy. And its title would be “Sunday Delight: A Sunday Afternoon In The Garden Of Viktor Levi” But İdil’s post on Ortaköy was titled as “Sunday Delight”, so I had to change my title, and when I was thinking of a new one I thought of Pano, and so my title was ready: it would be on Pano and Viktor Levi wine houses… And please don’t let the title to deceive you, because I’m not comparing these two wine houses here. I love them both: they offer delicious wine and food, and nice atmosphere.
Both wine houses were named after their founders: Viktor Levi and Panayot Papadopulus, they are both over 100 years old. Their wines are specially produced. Both are a part of İstanbul spirit…
They are both very crowded on Friday and Saturday nights! So either make a reservation before you go, or be prepared not to have a table, but just have drinks at the bar. Or go during daytime – if you’re attending a one of those beloved jazz or cinema festivals of İstanbul, give a break in Viktor Levi or Pano … or have a few glass of wine before you start your journey in the land of music or cinema…
Now Viktor Levi in Kadıköy: It has a huge garden with huge trees. An escape from over crowded, noisy, disordered streets of Kadıköy. A tranquil spot. The garden is full of cats, for a cat lover like myself this means another reason to go there. Last Sunday when I was enjoying the garden and wine there, I met a black kitten – she was so little and with her beady eyes she was so lovely:) Not only the garden, but the house is remarkable: a 135 years old Greek house was restored and now serve as Viktor Levi’s Kadıköy branch. Whenever I go there I feel as if wine is woven in this house and its garden…
It’s autumn, and it’s been raining for the last two days… But we will have an Indian summer (hopefully!), which will be the last chance to enjoy Kadıköy Viktor Levi’s garden…until next spring…

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  1. Deniz (unregistered) on October 23rd, 2006 @ 12:29 pm

    It will be a bi off the subject but I couldn’t stop myself making a comment on something. The people who are running Victor Levi.

    I have an office in Kadikoy 2 blocks away from Victor Levi. As you can guess parking is quite a problem in Kadikoy! That is if you are not willing to hand in 15-20 YTL everyday to the parking spots. So I come early every morning and find a parking spot for myself. I have parked twice on Victor Levi’s street. Both times I have been called (I leave my business card inside the windshield just-in-case) and asked to get my car from there although it is a legal parking space. They threatened to have my car thowed away or do “other things” in a very “polite” way. Because I was blocking their front view, although I was one car length behind their door! And so what if I was blocking! It is the street for god’s sake, nobody owns it!

    And at both times as soon as I took my car away, someone – I am assuming one of the people running the place – parked his car to the same spot.

    They are very nice to you if you are a customer filling their pockets. Very rude, uncivilized at other times!

    This comment has nothing to do with their service, or wines etc. It’s just about the people who are running the Victor Levi in Kadikoy.

    – deniz

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