Tapped Out

Coming from our Southwest background…we know the value of water. At least we know how high the Southern California water bills can be. Rules governing the watering of lawns, running of fountains, or washing of cars are the norm.

Our Local Kazasker Water Stop

We haven’t been in Istanbul long enough to know the ins and outs of the aqua gods…but this city is centered on, around, and within, “things water”. We have heard some amazing tales, both historical and current, of the infamous water shortages that seem to be so common in this chaotic conurbation. Just a few days ago reports were dispatched of an upscale village close by that had been without water for 10 weeks. It seemed that it was only a matter of time before we faced the same predicament.
So…when the water pressure suddenly dropped while I was showering, I called out the alarm, and the crew sprang into action filling every available container with whatever they could eek out of the dwindling taps. I wanted to be a part of this familial effort to horde water….but, unfortunately, I had other, more immediate, quests to pursue (I had just reached the heights of sudsville when the water had begun to dwindle and was not looking forward to being stranded with soapy nethers). Ten minutes later the last droplets fell into the waiting containers and the taps gurgled, gasped, clattered, and then grew silent.

IMG_3456.JPG The Horde

Free of most of the lime that had been sticking to my form; I quickly dressed and headed out and up the hill to see if we could find a few extra bottles of drinking water at a late night Tekel shop. Arriving home with 3 gallons of water to spare, we were greeted by the sound of the same flowing freely from the faucets.
It seemed our shortage was only to last for an hour. Dripping wet from our hike to the shop I jumped back in the shower…surprised? Don’t be…It seems there’s plenty of water to go round.

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  1. Ha Ana Za (unregistered) on September 17th, 2006 @ 11:00 pm

    interesting….same thing happens in Egypt, particularly in summer. Sadly its not so organised as to give as a outside water supply or indeed any warning.

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