Feeding Foreigners

Being a foreigner has its perks…everybody (it seems) wants to feed me. So, my theme once again is: Food. I’m sorry, but I love the stuff….and over the years I have grown fond of eating….regularly. Maybe it’s a bad habit…but when the food is on…I’m in. Tonight our doorbell (a Duo-Chime 2000) rang once again. As you have heard from my previous ramblings…that door bell seems to bring good news. This evening it heralded the arrival of another neighbor in our Site who had asked if she could teach us how to cook and eat Balik (No, I won’t tell you where I live….this baby’s all mine).

IMG_3491.JPG Diving In

Hate me if you must, but even though I have accumulated an extensive list of Pacific Ocean creatures who owe their untimely demise to my western palate …I have yet to find a food from the sea here in Istanbul that went down easily. I chomped into a delicious looking Balik Ekmek our first week in Istanbul and came away with the spine of the poor creature wedged in my teeth, neither of us enjoyed that moment…since then….it has been hard to muster up the courage to dive in again.
Tonight the tide began to turn, so to speak. Sitting on our salon floor with bread, salad, and a heaping pile of several generations of small fish wearing batter and oil, we headed in once again, to the dark side…and within a few mouthfuls, the cute little guys won me over.
What’s the point you query? Answer the door…you never know what Turkey will hand you next.

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