They say Istanbul is stunning in any clime. This past month we have been living in a fishbowl. Scaffolding, painters, and plasterers have been, it seems, at every window we look out. From early in the morning till dusk they are at work “blinging” up our sitesi . Since we live on the lower floors, they pass our windows and balconies as they move up and down the exterior of our building…heads constantly pop up only to disappear again….and it seems that no place is private.

Storm Moving In

There is also the mess, globs of paint and speckles of plaster rain past, and into our windows. The glass is streaked, our balconies coated with residue and any opening to the outside attracts its own deposit. It has been an ordeal…until a day or two ago. When our little squall moved through it dumped a tremendous amount of rain on Kosuyolu, and brought us a needed respite.
Arming ourselves with brushes, scrapers, and squeeges, we used the deluge to help us scupper away the mess on our railings and balconies. We took a few moments to look out as the lightening flashed, the trees swayed and the sky got dark…it was almost black, even though the sun was still well above the horizon.

The Darkest Part of the Storm

They are back at it again today…the balcony is once again a mess, there is no privacy, but things are not as bad as I make them out to be…for there is the hope of rain in the coming days…and we live in Istanbul…after all.

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