An American in the protest…

Steph has been travelling in Turkey and produces solid comments on Istanbul and Turkey. It seems that she was an active observer yesterday in an anti-war protest that took place in Kadıköy. Well, in this hot and humid weather, in no ways I would go and see the event. I feel like most of our authors have the same feelings (!). So here is Steph’s post with full of good photos! I am not so sure but the lack of Islamic groups as Steph wonders might be due to the fact that they were not invited….

In the mean time, I had come across an article in Bianet: Clues For “Beginners” to Live in Istanbul;

Some degree of Turkish is essential if you are intended to stay for a relatively longer time in Istanbul. Maps may not help, ask friends how to start strolling through the city. Share a flat with others, you will enjoy greater freedom than in a hostel…………by Anna GROSS – Boelting

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