Power Down in Istanbul

Life without lights is not the end of the World. At least when they come on again within a few hours…and, you have a fridge full of cold drinks….and snacks…and candles….and batteries…and (most importantly) an exotic bent towards the lure of the Asian continent where these minor inconveniences add to the romance of living abroad.

IMG_3394.JPG Istanbul in Purple

We have lost power on a regular basis the last few weeks…I am guessing it is a strategic effort to give the grid some late night relief from the overworking refrigerators and A/C’s. In our village of Kazasker, the power is lost somewhere between midnight and 1am for 2-3 hours…about 3 days a week.

Since we are late night folk, we have been able to enjoy the rare view of a City (or at least the extent of the City that we can see from our 3rd floor apartment) without lights. The vistas have been spectacular and even though the evidence of the 21st century is all around us….you can imagine a sky like this, on a night like this, several thousand years ago, may not have been all that different than we have witnessed this month.

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  1. Sven Holmström (unregistered) on August 7th, 2006 @ 11:38 pm

    We had a lot of problems at work today, especially in the morning the electricity was a big problem. But have of course som rather good, but limited, back up systems.

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