Back from Vacation..or maybe not.

I just got back from Cesme (Izmir – Aegean Coast) two days ago and still can’t get over the fact that my holidays are now over and that I need to wait for another year before I can bask in the summer sun without worrying about work.
I must admit that I wasn’t very happy when I got back to Istanbul. This sorrow wasn’t caused by the city itself though, I’d say it was triggered by the fact that I knew I’d be back at work the next morning at 11am.
When I got home, I decided that I wouldn’t let all the end of holidays bitterness get to me and that I’d turn my summer in Istanbul into a pleasent experience.
Did you know that there are gorgeous outdoor swimming pools available in the city and that they’re a great escape from your every day life? I decided to make a list of all those that I could go to and forget that I’m not on vacation anymore. I found a couple (I know that there are many more but I had to start somewhere? :)
The Divan Kurucesme has a very nice swimming pool (I’m starting with this one because it’s right next to my house). The entrance costs 35YTL and the view is lovely.
The Hilton in Taksim has prices which range from 65YTL to 120YTL on the weekends (BBQ included, BBQ excluded it’s around 90YTL). I like the Hilton, my mother used to take me there when I was little.
Reinas owner rented the Galatasaray Island which is on the Bosphorus for five years and turned it into a ‘Beach’ resort called “Su Ada“. I’ve been looking all over the internet for the entrance fee but couldn’t find it. It looks very nice from outside but I reckon they should put more information about it on the net so that people have a chance to check it out before they travel all the way there.
Park Orman claims to have the biggest swimming pool in Istanbul which is something I’d have to check out! 40YTL during the week and 50YTL during the weekend.( I dont think I’d want to give that much for Park Ormans swimming pool..)
I know there are many hotels that offer the outdoor swimming pool in Istanbul so it’s really upto you to see which one you’d rather be lazy at.
Hope this helps.

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