DSC00116-1reduced.JPG Leaving Kadikoy

Growing up in a beach community in California…I thought I had seen it all when it came to sea and sand. A few days before we left the States for Istanbul, we took a walk with our kids along the beach in San Diego, we had come to say “goodbye” to the Pacific Ocean for 4 years. It was a difficult parting, we thought it would be hard to be away from the coast that we knew so well.

On our second day in Istanbul we had to make the trip across the Bosphorus on the ferry. The sun was shining, the sky was clear and blue and we stood in amazement on the upper deck and watched as our boat made its way from Asia to Europe.

Our reaction was typical of the tourists to our stunning city. We couldn’t get enough of the views, wind and waves. Our little Akbil Satis was our ticket to exotic sea travel. For less than .80 cents each it is the best deal going.
When we need a break, are overwhelmed with work, or miss home a bit, the kids would ask to head down to Kadikoy and jump on the Vapur. Couple that with our daily commute to the other side and we spend a good deal of our time out on the water.

DSC00117.JPG The Juice Dude

Even though we are the “greenies” here with less than 4 months in Istanbul, we have made the Bosphorus crossing well over 150 times. Each trip finds us still at the rails with the wind in our face amazed to be living in this incredible city.

DSC00128.JPG A View From The Rails

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