Ambulance ? What is that ?

About an hour and a half ago, I was walking towards Osmanbey to my beloved bank (notice the irony !) when I heard the ambulance siren screaming. It was coming from Taksim towards Mecidiyeköy .

As the ambulance has a priority in traffic , a respecting and apparently experienced driver who wanted take a turn left stopped at the lights waiting for the ambulance to drive through.

It all happened just because he did this.

First the car right behind him started blowing its horn, then the one behind that car. Then all of a sudden all cars who were behind this car in the very front started making this violent noise with their horns. Standing there I thought to myself that they were somehow trying to make so much noise so they could cover the siren of the ambulance, thus making the man in the very front ignore it.

The man, however, waited for the ambulance. As the ambulance was not that far anymore (it was a matter of seconds actually), I see a man getting out of the car behind our guy, shutting his door hard, walking towards our guy and through the open window he tries to punch the driver who is patiently waiting for the ambulance to drive through.

A couple of people, including me, almost jump into the situation, trying to explain the angry man that what our guy did was right because the ambulance has a priority in traffic and we get the answer :

” And that m…f….g idiot had to choose this street to get to the hospital?!”

Startled as we were, we don’t know what to say, the angry man goes back to his car, completely ignoring the fact that the ambulance was gone away almost 5 minutes ago and he has been blocking the traffic with his anger since then.

Another instance is something I saw in the news yesterday. A thief steals a car, drives away, police gets notified and chases him, he gets involved in an accident on the E5 motorway, and tries to run away on foot and the police catches him in a few moments.

Looks like a very regular story, doesn’t it ?

The funny but actually bizarre thing about the story is that after he gets out of the car after crashing into the sidings on the motorway, the police chases him but police doesn’t care about the car on the motorway. Nobody does. This happens at night and unfortunately another driver crashes into this car as there are no markings, warnings, lights around the car and the vehicle will not even be taken away. I am pretty sure that the driver will also get a ticket because of “dangerous driving on the motorway” (procedure, standard, stupid as hell but real! )

The police himself will of course not get a ticket because of unapplied security precautions after an accident on the motorway. They got the thief, they should be celebrated !

One last thing about this story… Police arrests the thief and lays him on the ground to put handcuffs on. All of a sudden a guy appears from absolutely nowhere and walks directly to the thief and kicks him hard in the face while he lies on the ground with bound hands.

Now I won’t be defending the thief but how cruel and frustrated on earth a person should be to see a complete stranger being arrested and to go kick him in the face and then with an expression of relief and a smile keep going his way ?


you were so beautiful…..

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  1. David (unregistered) on April 26th, 2006 @ 8:51 am

    You forgot to mention that when Ambulances do manage to get through traffic, cars behind them often drive very close to use the ambulance as a way of getting through, even jumping red lights. The traffice police don’t care and often break laws themselves anyway.

    Istanbul is the worst place I have ever driven (been here for three years now), it seems that once Istanbullies get behind the wheel they revert to being cavemen. Everyone thinks they are in the right even when going up a one way street the wrong way, and will shout and scream like hungry babies if you protest. Drivers try to shove you out of the way so that they can squeeze into a space that might possibly save them 0.005 seconds on their journey, and do so without a seconds thought to the safety of those around or even in their own vehicle. People say that Turkey is a caring nation. Drive in Istanbul for more than ten minutes and you’ll see the reality.

  2. daniel (unregistered) on May 1st, 2006 @ 1:08 pm

    I remember many years ago on one of the main caddeler in Sisli seeing an ambulance stuck behind a car at some traffic lights, and the ambulance bumped the car in the rear to get the driver to move out of the way.

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