Brother of Murdered Turkish Woman Convicted

A 19-year-old Turkish man living in Berlin has been given a prison sentance for killing his sister a year ago. He says he disapproved of his sister’s lifestyle.

In February 2005, Hatun Sürücü, a 23-year-old Turkish woman, was shot dead on the streets of Berlin. Her three brothers were accused of murdering her with three shots to the head, in what has widely been described as an “honor killing.” Today the youngest of the three, Ayhan Sürücü — age 18 at the time — was convicted, while his two older brothers were acquitted.

Ayhan Sürücü confessed to having murdered his sister — a single mother who wore make-up rather than the veil — because he disapproved of her lifestyle. He has been convicted to nine years and three months in prison — ten years would have been the maximum penalty. The judge, Michael Degreif, explained that Ayhan Sürücü has begun to express some regret, “although he still has a long way to go.” Degreif said the murderer had acted “in cold blood” and compared the killing to an execution.

The acquittal of the two older brothers provoked loud cheers from the audience in the courtroom. The judge explained that the evidence for their involvement in the murder was mainly hearsay and also contradictory. The trial produced no proof that the murder had been ordered by the woman’s family. Nor could any religious motive for the crime be established.

The Sürücü case has triggered a big debate in Germany about the integration of Turkish immigrants and their children in German society. It has also raised questions about how to combat forced marriage and domestic violence. The local mayor of the area of Berlin where Sürücü lived and died, Erhart Körting, gave a statement today explaining that the struggle against domestic violence is won. Speaking on German national television, he said many abused Turkish women were beginning to take their husbands to court. “I believe we’re seeing a change of mentality,” Körting said, “even if it’s slow.”


Now that is what I call a justice kinda shaking !

A family sits together and decides to kill a young woman, supposing she is a whore just because she wants a life on her own. Then three brothers kill her and only one of them gets sentenced because one can’t prove others’ guilty..

What about the fact that they planned it together ? As far as I know, if I hire a gunman to kill someone and the police gets aware of it, I go to prison, too…

Today I was in Kreuzberg where many Turks live…. Believe it or not; many found the sentence way too hard for the crime committed..

Some will never change, I guess….

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