Erkan and Meral explores GMALL Theatre

Erkan and I -your humble bloggers- worked so hard on Sunday to inform you of a new cinema theatre Cinebonus Maçka G-Mall (well, in fact the cinema theatre wasn’t built recently, but because we went there only on Sunday it is ‘new’ for us). It is located in a small shopping mall mostly full of cafes, which weren’t decorated in the usual food court style of shopping malls, and so the atmosphere there is not that much suffocating, tiresome and artificial like the other malls. For me, the atmosphere before and after I watch a film is very important, and because I am a great hater of malls and the artificiality of malls disturbs my preparation/digestion processes of a film, I do my best to avoid watching films there, but there was a relaxing atmosphere there. The interior of the cinema is not different than other mall movie theatres-offers comfortable seats with a good slope so that nothing can disturbs your sight, quite good sound installation and a satisfactory screen.
What is so tempting about that cinema theatre is the funfair next to it! (And no, we hadn’t been there:-() It offers a nice opportunity for the ones who can’t stand the idea of being indoors during these sunny days, yet feeling bad for missing films: enjoying a film at Maçka G-Mall and then enjoying yourself at the funfair! Those of you who regard themselves as grown-ups and so sniff the idea of having fun at the funfair may continue their talks about bridge, golf, politics and neckties- just like all reasonable people!


Well, I agree with Meral to a large extent. Because she is a cinephile and I am just a movie buff she is better at exploring how good the watching conditions are:) However, I found a different strategic role for G-Mall. It is too close to the Beşiktaş’s Inönü Stadium and i thought it is a good place to hang out before going for a game. Though i don’t regard myself much of a grown-up, I am not a nature guy, so even in a good weather I will just spend my time indoors and I will test coffee and food of mall’s cafes. As Meral says G-mall is a nice mall where you can feel comfortable. As you might guess, it is close to Taksim Square but I haven’t explored the walking routes yet. My only connection to nature might be the fact that I like walking and if there is a nice route then I will just walk and watch a movie there..

GMALL Phone: 0212 232 44 40

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