ATM scams

Beware of your your next withdrawal from an ATM machine. We were in Eminonu last week, about to take cash from the Garanti ATM (just the other side of the tunnel walkway) and I noticed the card just didn’t feel right going into the machine.

Sure enough, some crafty thieves had placed a poorly made faceplate over the ATM slot that likely had a card scanner inside that reads your card information. With this info, the thieves can easily make a duplicate card and withdraw money from your account. This is sort of a common scam in the U.S. so I had heard of it before. It goes like this:

The fake card slot reads the card information and usually transmits it to someone very nearby. There is also either someone watching you over your shoulder or a tiny wireless video camera is attached somewhere on the machine to record you as you enter your PIN number.

We alerted the nearest Garanti office, so I expect they investigated.

If you suspect anything, just grab hold of the slot- if it moves or feels taped in place don’t put your card in, and especially don’t enter your PIN. (the picture attached is just an example- the one in Eminonu was much larger, covering the receipt slot as well)

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