My newsflash …

Now that I am back in Istanbul, I feel thrown into a sea of incredible occurences, once again. Everyday there is something new and terrible going on..

1. It is so freaking cold… It is not just cold, it is definitely VERY cold.

2. Ağca is out of jail. Justice ? Heard in the news today that he might go back for another 5 years. I wonder why someone who tried to kill Pope and murdered other people should be set free anyway..

3. Bird Flu is a new topic in Turkey. Some take it very seriously while others do not even care. It is frightening as well as astonishing to see how people deal with it. One guy tries to make a hero out of himself, telling he managed to stop bird flu in Marmara because he buried/slaughtered all his turkeys on time. Another woman says she won’t give away her animals before getting paid in advance while her kids play with ‘dead’ chickens in the yard. She is going to cook the dead animals, she says, because it is way too pity to throw that meat away. I feel so lucky that I don’t like chicken or turkey anyway.

4. Mortgage is heading for Turkey. People are delighted, people shall go crazy, people will pour on the offer like flies on trash! I am kinda looking forward to seeing the side effects of the system which shall arise in the first 3 months or when people will start losing their houses because they can not pay the monthly dues. The cruel face of banking shall put out a thousand of lives. (What is this ? will the government then plan a financial aid for the ‘new homeless’ and take over their debts too ?)

5. If you like musicals, please go get yourself a video, a VCD or a DVD of ‘Mucizeler Komedisi’ with Şener Şen, Pamela, Özlem Tekin, Mirkelam and many more (VCD was only in turkish). It has been a very long time since I last saw a turkish musical so amusing and so well made ! The usual story of bad against good is told in a gorgeous way, changed to the turkish standards. I had sometimes the feeling there were many instances of the Divine Comedy in it. I especially recommend the fighting scene between the good and the bad.

6. It is still freezing cold !

Ahoi !

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  1. Di (unregistered) on January 18th, 2006 @ 2:01 pm

    Hey there, I love your site!

    Sadly, I had to leave Istanbul back in July, after two years of living and working there. I met a Belgian, and dating is so much simpler if you live in the same country …

    Anyway, I’ve been searching the web, looking for good Istanbul sites to link people into from my blog, I hope you don’t mind me adding your site.

    Kind regards
    Di, the Yeni Zelanda

  2. metin (unregistered) on January 26th, 2006 @ 11:38 pm

    I hate to do this to you. But it’s a sunny and 75 degrees (fahrenheit) today in Newport Beach, California.

    On a serious note, the ‘mortgage’ system, although initially looks promising for a lot of people that otherwise cannot afford to ‘own,’ ultimately results in the ‘tenancy’ of its occupiers with the Banks owning the land, as well as the property.

    The only hope for the temporary residents is the ‘appreciation’ factor whereby the value of the property will increase immensely and thereby allow the borrowers to be able to borrow more and get into more debt!


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