Bird Flu

As many of you know, unfortunately our country is suffering from a bird flu outbreak.
Several cases have been diagnosed and I believe 4 people have died from the virus since the outbreak.
For those looking for more information about whats happening right now in Turkey, I’d advise you to click here
and read the articles written on the subject by the Turkish Daily News

I haven’t eaten chicken in weeks and I’m having withdrawals. I’m considering going to another country just to have chicken curry. Some suburbs in Istanbul have been quarantined. The governement’s response was late and extremely slow to this virus that’s feeding off our country’s ignorance on how to deal with it. I need to admit tho that in a final effort to show our population that they can safely eat chicken, our politicians invited news crews to come film them while they eat chicken at a local diner. We’re supposed to be reassured now. AKP is too busy trying to shut down normal schools to replace them with Islamic schools so that they can brainwash children into becoming narrow minded secular AKP voting minions. They’re also too busy trying to build mosques in every vacant spot they can find in the city. Sometimes, living in Turkey can be exhausting and tragic.

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