Killing in the name of….?

I never liked soccer… Well, ok, this is not completely true; I liked it when I played soccer with my pals back then. We used to take it so serious that we had our own standart teams, hired a soccer ground (oh yes, we were spoiled kids!) and had a referee who was older than we were.

But mind you, we never wanted to kill each other.

I could not escape from the news, of course because if you are turkish and live abroad, people ask you about it every second. All I could say was that I am not interested in this national tradition but on the other hand it makes me think.

I wonder why this small ball and 22 people running after it attracts so many people, so much that they would be ready to kill the opponent.

Now the Swiss are screaming their lungs out (they are kinda right though), telling they felt death on their forehead. Some others who are not really into soccer but ethnical politics started saying the Turks are barbars as usual. I haven’t heard this sentence for ages and all of a sudden it appears again.

Such stuff happens all the time. Fanatics and hooligans always make trouble. I remember one game (I guess that was an english team agains a turkish one) after which there was a fight in Taksim and one english guy got stabbed and died. It was horrible, but still it was a pretty personal thing.

What I see in the papers now is something totally different. There is a collective action, there is collective hate and there is violence performed by everybody, even by the Swiss who are wellknown for their peaceful manners.

I don’t understand why it should/would matter if we make it to the world championship. Well, I know it is then promotion for the country and yes, we are all proud then and yes, I would see the final games, too. But losing a game is a part of the game. Who loses better demonstrates a good functioning civilized digestion of the situation which is supposed to be our standard.

We always seem to have one shot… and this time the bullet flies backwards….. Towards us…

Now I know better why I don’t like soccer. Now I know how dangerous a public interest of this size can be when combined with fanatic feelings.

I am so sorry and probably because I don’t like this sport I must feel shame..

But I don’t really want to be killing in the name of a ball…

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