Another Bridge in Bosphorus ?

See, we got our very first bridge over the Bosphorus in 1974. I may be wrong but around that time. Back then it was a great thing. This bridge was supposed to cost for a couple of years and then was to be free as it would have covered the costs then. As far as I know people were takling about assigning a small amount of Bridge Tax to cover the costs of maintenance and repairements. The calculation was easy; a small tax times millions of cars and busses and whatever goes over the bridge would be a huge amount amount of money).

Years later (of course, they didn’t make the bridge free! running a land costs money! and having a bridge is easy money!) they built a second one. Actually I think the Japanese built it. This time there was no word about the bridge being free some time in the future.

But enough about that.

Some writers and poets describe the Bosphorus as the neck of a beautiful woman. Some say Istanbul would have been nothing without it. I think, Bosphorus is one of the most important things that connect me to this city. I love going over the first bridge and enjoy the scene I almost get paralyzed, can’t get my eyes off of the sea and the green and the houses and the ships that sail by.


I do not, under any circumstances, understand why Istanbul would need a third bridge! Honestly! There are more than 4 million cars in Istanbul and the experience has shown that where you have a bridge in Istanbul, you also have a traffic jam, noise, dirt and everything a nice place doesn’t really need to have.

The project ‘Third Bridge’ appeared in 1995. Shortly after that, in 1998, it was confirmed but was subjected to great resistance of the people living in Arnavutk

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  1. Idil (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 1:43 pm

    I live in Arnavutkoy and I’ve seen the people there react in a rather negative way to the whole third bridge right in the middle of our village thang.
    If they want to chose a location for their bridge they could chose a non historical location. I highly doubt they’ll be able to place it in Arnavutkoy.

  2. metecem (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 4:02 pm

    well thats the clever way…

    apart from the fact that modifying the two bridges with railway connections would be way more reasonable than building a new bridge.

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