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nobese.jpg they call themselves the surveillance camera actors and only perform within the scope of the nobese festival. the name is inspired from mobese (short for mobile electronic systems integration), our totally modern, new security system, as part of which 4000 surveillance cameras to safeguard the streets of istanbul are being installed at various places.

since the beginning of 2005, 570 surveillance cameras have been installed, the others are on the way. most of us barely notice the cameras mounted on top of lampposts. well i certainly have not, until i heard about the nobese people on a mailing list.

they are a group of anti-authoritarian / anti-capitalist university students and gather each month and go perform in front of one of the surveillance cameras. the intended audience is those officers at the camera control rooms. hope they are having fun “up there”. the motto of nobese is “madem ki izleniyoruz, bari oynayalim” / “since we are being watched, why not perform?” and their next performance will take place on october, 25th in sultanahmet. anyone can join the performance and protest being treated as a potential criminal as well as perform, who knows, maybe the role of a life time. more info and pictures from past performances are here and here is a report on one of the performances.

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  1. xxxx (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 1:01 pm

    great!!! (the students)
    but i don’t think that the cameras will dissapear… it’s sad but a lot of people feel ‘unsafe’ these days and think that cameras will prevent them from being hurt or something. (not true)
    the cameras in london can follow someone all the way and yet they’re not as usefull as some wished…

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