– The ninth month of the Muslim year, during which one fasts from sunrise to sunset, not only from food, drink and sexual relations, but also from impure thoughts and harsh actions. Similar to Lent in the Christian tradition, it is a time of intense introspection and reaffirmation of one’s faith. In Islam, this fast, Siyam, is one of the Five Pillars of Faith.

– A Muslim period of daytime fasting and contemplation which lasts for a lunar month of about 28 days. It commemorates the transmission of the Qur’an by the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad.

Today, our whole nation welcomed with open arms the Ramadan. Turkey prides in its beliefs and religion as much as it prides in being a democratic, laic country. Believers all over the nation will fast for 30 days and celebrate at the end of this period. The Istanbul @ MetBlogs team wishes you a happy Ramadan!

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