mehmet loves baris*

mehmet.jpg the face on the portrait is mehmet tarhan‘s and the placard held by two on the right reads: “mehmet is bored inside. we are taking him out for a walk in istanbul.” mehmet cannot attend the tour as he is currently being held in jail for he refuses to render military service: he is a conscientious objector. this protest-trip was made yesterday by a small group. savas karsitlari (turkish anti-militarist site) has dedicated a page to him, the details of mehmet’s arrestment can be found there. mehmet tarhan’s trial will take place on April 28th; those who would like to support him may sign the protest mail here at war resisters’ international’s subsite “refuse to kill”.

*baris is a male name in turkish and means “peace”. the slogan “mehmet loves baris” is apt, as mehmet tarhan is gay, and antimilitarist.

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