bonfire of the media

As some of you might have read, (those who haven’t, go visit: 1, 2) a fire broke out yesterday during the premiere of a horror movie called Buyu (The Spell). 150 were injured, 5 or 10 are under special treatment. A “fright tunnel” of fabric and candles in the foyer is reported to have caused the fire. (Would it be ignorant to say that the fright tunnel has thus served its due?)

There have been many speculations about the movie (which many see as tactical marketing moves). The cast and the workers claim that all kinds of strange incidents took place during the shooting, such as actresses having accidents or getting ill, ambulances awaiting possible emergency situations, etc. etc… And now the speculative fire at the premiere. The Turkish media will sure make the most out of it and report about the event and the film for days (or at least until the 17th, the day of the EU summit). But my special award for dumb and yet entertaining journalism goes to ATV, a major TV channel, that presented the report with the headline: Turkish Horror Film, starring the victims coming out of the theatre all black in the face and panicking. They have also added a special Before/After feature where the screen is divided into two parts; on the Before part we see members of the cast as they go into the theatre with their evening dresses (happy and chic), on the After part, the very same person all black in the face and crying. This went on for about 20 minutes and at the the end came the credits with special thanks to all the hospitals that hosted the injured. Very tasty and creative indeed.

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