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Lokal, a so-called fusion restaurant in Asmalimescit/Tunel, serves specialities from Indian, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese and Turkish cuisine. More interesting than the food is the decoration mirroring the fusion-spirit with robot-toys on the tables, a huge cactus surrounded by candles wrapped in paper containers, another fellow robot and a blinking red lampshade – a fine example of kitsch. A movie is being screened on the big screen mounted on the wall outside the restaurant, it was some movie of woody harrelson when i was there. the ladies room donwstairs is all in red with a giant round mirror which makes you look a lot thinner than you really are, an undefineable radio-like apparatus mounted on the wall and most importantly, a huge blackboard for those who want to spit out their thoughts as well.

soup.jpg the menu cards are stuck into sleeves of pop albums of the 70ies and as the font is too small to be read in the dim lighting, you just order the meal with the most strange name. i chose a soup called Tom Ka Gai, coconut chicken soup, of which i do not have an image. very spicy and almost purple in color, it was indeed the most interesting soup i ever ate. next you see the soup my friend ordered, the name of which i do not remember, but the lighting (notice the lighter flame on the upper right corner) of which is provided by none other than me. To sum it up, it is very dim in lokal, i like robot toys and the huge cactus in front of the window is a pain in the ass as it prevents us from seeing the movie. and oh, candles wrapped in paper make me uncomfortable.

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  1. mexican kevin karter (unregistered) on October 20th, 2004 @ 11:31 pm


    I’ve just read your interesting comments on Lokal. I had the idea that it is such a cool place and we better check. Ok, I will. However there were some very important things I’d like to find in your comments but you probably forgot to mention.

    For Ex: Where the place exactly is? Ok, Asmalimescit is not so big but short adress may help. How are the prices? Are we gonna pay loads of bucks for some thai-wai soap or it is fair ? What about waitresses? And last, is it one of the places everybody is so quiet and kinda snobby hatta wanna-be or it is cool?


    PS: By the way Inter beat Valencia so bad.(5-1).

  2. seyda ozturk (unregistered) on October 21st, 2004 @ 12:01 am

    mekskev, i do not have the exact address but lokal is on the first street left when you walk from tunel to taksim, it’s vis-a-vis the russian consulate i guess. the prices are a bit above average, i paid 6 m. for the soup. as for the waiters (no waitresses), i honestly did not pay much attention, but no negative impressions makes a good note. we were there at about 19:00, so there was not much going on, but they do not have room for loads of people (only 7 or 8 tables). apart from us there were two guys speaking in english, a young couple (who ordered a bottle of red wine, i remember that well, cause i considered doing that, too) and a group of four people. all in all the atmosphere was friendly.

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