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Besiktas Fans in Taksim…

Besiktas defeated Fenerbahce (3-2) in Fortis Turkey Cup final game and as usual Besiktas fans were gathering in Taksim Square tonight…

24 Hours and 5 minutes later…

The derby game of the year in Turkish league starts between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. More than 4 thousand policemen will be in Kadıköy to prevent possible clashes between fans. According to Football Derbies site this derby is rated to be the number one. Probably Turks rushed to vote there as usual but this does not make this less important anyway. So at the end of a depressively fine spring day, football fans will be oversatisfying themselves! And it won’t be over yet. There will be another derby just in May 3 between Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. So in a month Istanbulites will get whatever they can get from football since Turkey won’t be in the World Cup this summer….

f1’06 istanbul offically announced

it’s offically announced by the fia, formula one racing governing body that the trophy in istanbul will be held on august 25-26-27, 2006. hmm, we have six months left to the 2006 formula 1 turkish grand prix but only four days to receive a 15% discount on tickets, it ends 28 feb. well, you heard this from istanbul metroblog so please do not hesitate to give an extra ticket as a present to me… just kidding, we are footballers, how can you call it “sport” if you don’t even score?

the remains of f1

f1 in disguise, in green, in taksim.

tennis on bosporus bridge

istanbul’s being the only city in the world which is located on two continents is a gem for those who want to astonish foreigners. “i live in europe, work in asia” or vice versa is a favorite (and believe me, way too outworn) starter. trivial everyday experiences for the locals, maybe interesting bits for some others. now we have a new one: yesterday, on may 15, the first tennis match on two continents was played on the bosporus bridge. venus williams and ipek senoglu played for about five minutes. i have no photos of the event, but here is a nice one.

F1 Istanbul

Now, now. �The all time most boring sports ever� list goes like this:

3.American football
5.Formula 1

And this blog will be about no 5: Formula 1.

Why do i write a blog about it, if it�s that boring? Because it�s coming to İstanbul and because it�s a nice example of what you can do with marketing

Ok so what�s the appeal of F1, fast cars right? Right, but how can you say that a car is fast when you see it on tv with nothing else to compare. Yes, every now and then two cars come real close in the race but lets face it, all you see is two cars going at almost the same pace. Apart from the little sign which says “215 kmp/h� down on your screen there is no way to say how fast they are.

They could be racing at 60 kmp/h for all i know. So long for fast cars eh?

So maybe you like seeing weird shaped hyper-aerodynamic cars passing eachother, i got news for you mate, it only happens 5 or 6 times every race and it doesn�t really happen between any flashy teams. Suckers get passed and we all smile, thinking what a great guy Michael Schumacher is. By the way he�s probably the best driver in the history but there is really really no way to tell it since his car is always way better than the others.

But then they say that a billion viewers are watching every GP from their tv�s and there are another 100 thousand on the stands (haha, stands, that�s another funny idea, they pay 50 euros to see car passing by so fast that you can�t say which one it is). I don�t want to analyze the marketing strategies and stuff(and i don�t think i�d be able to do it too) but there is definetly something wrong with it. The single most unwatchable sport, being the most watched sport ever.

Anyway if you are still interested F1 İstanbul Grand Prix will be here on August, 21st.

Please come to Turkey, stay at a hotel, buy the ticket and make us rich.

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