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animals, poets and philosophers

May26.jpg tomorrow (may 26th) a discussion entitled animals, poets and philosophers will be held in sermet cifter hall of the yky kultur sanat building in galatasaray. martin puchner, amanda claybaugh, henry turner and rebecca walkowitz will talk about animal rights, violence and creativity, ferda keskin will moderate the discussion. provoked by “elizabeth costello” by j.m. coetzee (the novel has been translated into turkish ), organised and presented by cogito.


hidrellez i’ve never joined an hidrellez celebration in my life and this year, thanks to the municipality of kadikoy, i sort of walked into one. ‘hidrellez’ here stands for spring festival, celebrated on the 5th of may all around turkey. here is some good info in english. anyways, it is believed that whatever you wish that night comes true, as long as you stick to the rules. rule number one is that you visualise your wish, draw it on a piece of paper and then attach that piece of paper on a rose tree and leave it there overnight. [as for the rose tree: according to the legend, the two prophets, hizir and ilyas (elijah) meet that night at a rose tree] rule number two: the next morning you take that piece of paper and throw it into the sea (a river will also do). then there is the jumping over the fire custom. all in all, celebrating hidrellez requires a lot and i’ve never had the chance.

Plan your weekend!

The weekend is nearly here so planning in advance might be a grand idea!

Mayday @ Old City in Taksim on Friday 5th 24:00 entry:15YTL
Freestyler DJ’s @ Babylon in Taksim on Friday 5th 23:00 entry:28YTL
Hüsnü Şenlendirici @ Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Salonu on Saturday 6th 20:30 entry:56 YTL – 45 YTL – 34 YTL – 28 YTL
Besiktas – Galatasaray game @ Besiktas on Sunday 7th 19:00 entry: prices range from 40YTL to 400YTL

Istanbul’s Labor Day Activities

Tomorrow (1 May), there will be three different places to celebrate Labor Day. The most official one, that includes trade unions and political parties, will be in Kadıköy. It will probably be very colorful and will have the real tone of celebration. If you are not into celebrations, it is better not to go near Kadıköy since most of the roads will be blocked for the event. There will be a small scale event in near Taksim and probably a larger one in Kartal. The Kartal one, organized by Communist Party of Turkey will certainly have a strong anti-EU and anti-US tone. Anyway, these are all legal events. In the old days, there would be one single place for all and you could expect clashes between security forces and illegal groups that attempted to intervene the event. Now there are three places and I cannot guess which one will be the favorute spot for illegal groups….

Intersex – One Day Symposium in Istanbul

While still almost all around in the world, people remain silent about this topic and small children or babies are being cut to fit the society and suffering from failures which can not be undone, Istanbul is going to host an international one day symposum tomorrow.

Intersexuality is reality.

Topkapı Palace presents unseen, rare stuff for the first time.

The exhibition ‘Turkish Bath: The Bathing Tradition and the Art of Hairdressing during the Ottoman Period’ features 130 pieces, 80 percent of which have been taken from the palace’s warehouse and have never before been displayed

Tulips, roses and what is next?

According to a TDN news, Three million tulips to decorate Istanbul’s parks and gardens. This is part of a beautification project in Istanbul. Construction works all around the city makes our lives harder to live, despite all its naiveté this tulip business is better than nothing in the mean time.
Meanwhile, “rose” increasingly becomes a symbol for Prophet Mohammed among Islamic circles. Last week one could see roses as themes around since there were many happenings in the whole week to celebrate the birth of the prophet. These celebrations themselves are becoming institutionalized and it would be interesting to analyze but I won’t do this here and now. Maybe later:)

Istanbul’s Homage to Gilles Deleuze

Akbank Sanat hosts an exhibition for Gilles Deleuze curated by Ali Akay. There will also be two conferences related to the philosophy of Deleuze. On March 30, RAYMUND BELLOUR and on March 31, David Lapoujade will be lecturing. The former starts at 17:30 and the latter starts at 19:00. I have no idea what kind of an exhibiton for Deleuze might be but it is good to see Deleuzian activities around!

What to do on Monday? Spend your day at Bilgi University

On 27 March Monday, come straight to the Kuştepe campus at around 11 am. because a super seminar is about to start:
From 11:00 to 17:30 there will be a very, very long seminar entitled as
“Seminars on Contemporary Problems in the Media: The American and Turkish Cases”
Lecturers will be Prof. Haluk Şahin, Sheilah Kast, Jeffrey Dvorkin, Prof. Earnest Perry (*Simultaneous translation will be provided.)
I don’t have the exact schedule but I guess there will be a lunch break. It can’t be without a break, right? There will be coffee/tea/cookies but for more we have a good patisserie four floors below. Everybody in Bilgi are helpful, just ask them where you wanna go and they will show the way…

If you are not exhausted yet, a book presentation will take place just after this seminar at the same place:
18:00-20:00/ Kuştepe AKO
Nilüfer Göle will be lecturing under the title “A Talk on Islam in Public “.

If you are into detective novels, then Turkey’s one of the best detective novelists, Ahmet Ümit will hold a speech at
15:00/ Dolapdere BS1. This is in the other campus and its timing conflicts with the long seminar. So it is up to you. Maybe you will start in Kuştepe and move to Dolapdere? But you can still make it to the 18 pm event back in Kuştepe. [There are regular shuttles between the two campuses]

Ok. by 8 pm if you are still alive, there is a Gala programme by Theatre Triole, which is another theatre group made up of Bilgi students some of whom happen to be taking my classes. Yeah you have to go back to Dolapdere campus if you are still in Kuştepe…

Tiyatro Triole/ Gala
20:00/ Dolapdere BS2
“Çetin Ceviz”


Well, I will mostly be around in Kuştepe until 8 pm. I have lectures to attend but i will certainly be in the first event I told you…See you there then!

Legendary Hair Musical in Istanbul!

Tiyatro Candela Players at Bilgi University are performing Hair Musical ! There will be free of charge shows on 31 March at 21.00; 1 April at 20.30 and 2 April at 15.30 in the Dolapdere Campus of İstanbul Bilgi University. Some of the players took my classes and I feel like that’s something to be proud of. National media also covered the musical extensively. Here is an interview in Milliyet daily
P.S. Meanwhile, a dear Istanbul lover Di has just posted an entry telling how she misses Istanbul!

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