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The BBC Invasion – In a good way.


If you were faced with someone holding a microphone at you so sweetly, trust me, you wouldn’t be able to resist either.

84th Celebration of our Republic

When you wiki the 29th of October, you get a list of all the events that happened on that day over many many years.
The one that is of interest to us today is the following:

1923Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, people all over Istanbul and Turkey celebrate freedom from oppression. They celebrate a republic that gave them the opportunity to build lives under a democratic regime.
These celebrations are tainted by the PKK attacks on our country but we will not let anyone tarnish this day for us. We’re proud of every single young man that goes to the front to defend their country. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of these horrible attacks towards our nation but stay strong in wanting to defend what is ours.
Flags are hanging from many houses and business to celebrate and show solidarity towards our soldiers. It’s hard to be happy today knowing that so many families won’t have their sons to celebrate this bayram with them.
There will be a lot of protests and peaceful walks today in Istanbul, tv stations warned everyone to not use their cars because traffic would be awful.

Washington Post, Starbucks & Bosphorus Breakfast

Erkan and I were contacted by Amar Bakshi, journalist with the Washington Post a couple of days ago. He told us about the project he is working on and of his impending trip to Istanbul to spend a couple of days here and get as many views as he can for what he entitled “How the world sees America – Amar C. Bakshi talks to America’s lovers and haters around the world“.
It’s not every day that we have a journalist for a major publication knocking on our door to get our opinion on a governing nation like America.

The adorable Amar, putting up with our endless banter and nagging on politics.

2007 Film and Media Conference

Shifting Landscapes of Film and Media: Questioning Legacies, Navigating Critique

2007 Film and Media Conference

Erkan opened up a new Facebook group regarding the upcoming “Film and Media Conference” held at Bilgi University.
The conference is this Saturday and the keynote speakers are going to be;

Toby Miller
Ravi Vasudevan
Geneviève Sellier

Judging by the names, knowing Turkish isn’t a necessity. You can find more information on their Facebook event page or via the conferences official website.

“Two faces of Istanbul

Sabah says:

After the tragic death of five year old Dilara, it has been once more revealed that Turkey is not complying with the European urban conditions constituted by the European Council. Politicians are not making enough politics to impede awry urbanization in Turkey. This is why the money spent for the promotion videos and footages on Turkey is going down the drain.

Istanbul is trendy in other worlds, but Dilara’s destiny shows the existence of other worlds. Dilara used to live in districts that tourists never set afoot.

Dilara and her dad… VIA

Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas announced that ISKI (Istanbul Municipality Waterworks) manager Dursun Ali Çodur was removed from office on Friday afternoon due to a tragic death of a five year old girl who fell into a waterhole which was carelessly left open by ISKI workers. Mr. Topbas later announced how he was said and how he personally decided to remove Mr Codur from his post. Better than nothing. But the systemic indifference for the human lives continue. And I don’t but Mr. Topbas PR moves. He always blames the people in charge who were appointed by himself or through his supervision. If your men regularly have faults, maybe you are a bit guilty too? Istanbul turned to be a big construction site with your own plans and now you admit you cannot finish these construction works without State aid. And we don’t forget what happened to Istiklal street in your mayordom…

AND here is Galip Hoca’s comment: not humans, properties!

Unkapanı Bridge…

I guess, we haven’t seen Unkapanı Bridge like that before. This bridge is one of the three bridges over the Golden Horn and it was on the march route during Hrant Dink’s funeral…


Here is one more shot from the funeral. In front of the building Agos’ offices are…

The Genius of Leonardo

Istanbul is once again playing host to a wonderful exposition. In collaboration with “Next Generation” a Greek events organizer, Rahmi Koc Museum in Halic is offering us the possibility to discover Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. Here is the official description which can be found alongside more information on the actual event website:

“The exhibition contains 40 machines that were built after in-depth study of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs, by a group of scientists and skilled craftsmen.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the mechanisms are life-sized and fully operational. Visitors may touch and set them in motion, combining fun with instruction.

The exhibits take the spectator into the magical world of machines devised by Da Vinci. Not only did this master engineer solve practical problems. Long before our era, he also conceived the precursors of machinery that has been quite recently manufactured, such as the tank, machine gun and aircraft. “

One exhibition after the other, Istanbul managed to prove to the world that it can host such events with success and grace.

Get Ready for the Gepgenç Festival!


This will be a youth festival with a difference. It will last five days with many activies in the Kuştepe campus of Bilgi University and its opening party will be at Yeni Melek. Here is its web page and here is a blog by the organizers and here is their site at Bilgi webpage…. I met some of the organizers and I believe it will certainly be a good try!

lifestyle, culture, istanbul

there is a symposium being held in istanbul called “symposium on culture of istanbul lifestyle,” where the constantly changing lifestlye of/in istanbul will be discussed. the programme of the three-day event is here.

Istanbul Independent Media Forum

This weekend Istanbul will be hosting the Istanbul Independent Media Forum at Bilgi university. Important speakers from all over the world will be attending this event which lasts for two days at the Dolapdere campus. Erkan and I will also be attending (sunday morning) so drop us a line if you’d like to tag along!

Event fee: none
Location: Bilgi uni dolapdere campus
Date: 4&5th of November 2006
Event website:

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