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On a lighter note; The Topkapi Affair

The next “Thomas Crown Affair” movie starring Pierce Brosnan will be filmed in Istanbul, Topkapi to be more exact.
You can find more details about this production here, here and here.

Istanbul Tattoed

I’ve created a new group on Flickr where I publish pictures of the interesting graffitis that I pass by in my daily life in Istanbul, some of them are great works of art, out of reach of the general public because they are hidden in remote locations in the city.
Check out the pictures and submit some of your own if you happen to be lucky enough to find nice graffitis on your path.

Street performances in Taksim

Istanbul, Taksim - Street Performers
Yesterday (Sunday, April 1st) whilst heading down to the Starbucks near Galatasaray, I was drawn to a huge Sunday crowd watching street performers doing their thing infront of atleast 50-60 people.
Istanbul, Taksim - Street Performers
It seemed like they were part of an art school project. I hate Taksim on Sundays because it’s so crowded, one needs to be brave to walk down Istiklal on a sunny Sunday.
Istanbul, Taksim - Street Performers
Istanbul, Taksim - Street Performers

YOTA finds a larger place…

The improvisational theatre group YOTA (yersiz oyuncular) finds a large place. It is close to their former place. Here is the address:

istiklal cad. sakız agaci sokak (aga cami sokağı ) 16 / 2 beyoglu
0 212 251 84 31

and here is a play they uploaded to Youtube….

Journey Through İstanbul

By photos of Zeynep:

From birds on her window pane to Turkish coffee cups; from seagulls flying over Bosphorus to swinging laundries on clotheslines strecthed over streets; from lovely faces of children to musicians’ gifted fingers; from jazz ferries to trains, from rakı scatters like clouds, like mist in long, thin rakı glasses to… well…in short to everything that an İstanbul lover can experience: this is what Zeynep sees, shows and shares…

Her photos tell stories of İstanbul without needing a word… her photos speak for themselves…and speak rather well…

The ones who miss İstanbul… the ones who want to know İstanbul can take a journey through İstanbul by Zeynep’s photos…see the life in İstanbul…see living İstanbul…

(Seeing the life in istanbul and seeing the living İstanbul in her photos is the reason why I love Zeynep’s photos. Another reason is the way she sees details, such as the pigeon’s flying, the effort of the kid when passing the saltshaker, the effort, impatience and appetite visible on the face of another kid when trying to get a banana.)
Photos: Courtesy of Zeynep
Thank you!…

Istanbul Modern: Goksin Sipahioglu


The first freelance journalist after Hikmet Feridun Es, Gökşin Sipahioğlu has modernized Turkish journalism and has become a world-known photojournalist who has a nose for “good news” and a lust for scoop. Known as the manager mostly devoted to journalism among all managers of photojournalism agencies, Gökşin had his name written in the pages of history as the founder, manager and president of Sipa Press Photography Agency.

I hear that this is an exceptional expo to go visit. I haven’t been yet but I can’t wait to go discover MR Sipahioglus work. Expo hosted at Istanbul Modern from the 7th of September till the 12th of November 2006.

What do you think this is?


This is indeed an electrical power station that is located in the Mecidiyeköy square. I guess this is one of the best ideas in aesthetic terms in the city: to paint those ugly power stations as houses! As far as I know, many stations all over Istanbul are painted like that. I saw one in Bahçelievler and two in Şişli…

coke art

the schedule of “the first international istanbul biennial of photography” launched by ifsak can be examined on ifsak’s website. hint: do not expect much from “fanus” on istiklal avenue, guess the photo explains it all. (no, coca cola is not a sponsor)

Eave Art

Exceptional Eaves

Feeling the need for a continental shift…we headed to the “other side” this afternoon to pick up some fabric in the Spice Bazaar (how those two work together is something I need to ponder). After collecting our cloth we strolled “east” out of the Bazaar and down towards the PTT museum. On our left we chanced upon this building that stopped us in mid stride with its exceptionally artistic eaves. One who is prone to pathetic prose may expect to express emotional exhaltations encountering these elegantly embellished and elaborately enhanced eaves. If you are in the neighborhood, they are worth the gander.
(Please forgive the elementary expose…it seems there is a predilection for “E” today).

Skin Deep…Istanbul’s Henna

The females of our tribe have been into Henna and things indigenous for a number of years. While their Henna experience is with the stylized version from North Africa, we have been surprised and impressed with the variety and quality of Henna available in the local Istanbul pazars. The shades, durability and depth of the dye is remarkable compared to what we have seen in the past. Istanbul’s Hennas certainly know how to get under the skin.

Sealed with Honey and Waiting to Dry

Ann’s talent for Henna designs has started a rush in our little community. Normally over çay and melon the women gather, from the most liberal to the most devout, to have their hands and feet embellished for weddings and special occasions (gratis…of course). The process takes several hours and affected appendages are in quarantine for some time (preferably overnight for a deep dye).
Where can I get it? Any of the large local pazars in Kazasker, Uskudar, and Kadikoy have it fresh, and in bulk (sorry, we don’t know about the other side’s pazars). You can also play the tourist and get it in the Spice Bazaar. The Henna sold in Turkey is the highest quality we have seen.

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