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Google has a funky new Istanbul logo

..but I’m not too thrilled about it. I’m going to assume that they created it for Istanbul 2010 but I don’t love it. Stroll on over to to check it out!

It is time for "Çizgili Günler"

Grrr, I missed the first day, but still there is much to see! Event’s website is here


GepGenç in a week!

The non-profit festival for youth NGOs, GePGeNc (Youthful) FeSTiVaL will be held the second time between April, 11-16th 2008 in santralistanbul. Theme for GePGeNc, is “being neighbours”. The festival that will wellcome international participants will involve many many activities,Workshops initiated by young peopleCultural activities and art performances Best Practice Conference on youth work Youth Organizations fair
Forum for youth organizations,and more…

Another Film Festival:)

6th International Comedy Films Festival is in İstanbul between 23-27 November.
The sections of this festival are: “The Most Serious Comedy Film Competition” “Family Comedies” “American Indies” “Europe Laughs” “What Made Us Laugh” and “Tribute to Şener Şen”
The festival venues are Cinebonus Maçka G-Mall Cinemas, Beyoğlu Alkazar Cinemas and Institute Français d’Istanbul theatres.
You can find more information here

Bergman: In Memoriam at İstanbul Modern

Ingmar Bergman films are being screened at İstanbul Modern (also other films of different genres).
You can find more information here

A day at İstanbul Modern: wandering through works of modern art and/or photography exhibition…then watching a Bergman film…and finally a break in İstanbul Modern’s café: for digesting all those images while enjoying a glass of wine… Images of works of art and images of Bergman wandering inside my head and the stunning view of İstanbul in front of my eyes…A perfect day…

“The Next Big Thing” in town!


the BBC programme for the unsigned musicians is in town. It will be held in

Bilgi Üniversitesi santralistanbul Kampüsü
E-3 Binası, Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı,
Kazım Karabekir Caddesi No1,
34060 Eyüp, İstanbul
this Saturday between 10:00-18:00!


check out more here

Another Week of Cinema Pleasure

Filmekimi will be held between October 19-25 at Emek movie theatre…21 films will be screened during this İstanbul Autumn Film Week…

It will be a week of cinema pleasure and I’ll voluntarily lock myself up at Emek…
If you want to join this film-feast, please hurry up a bit because almost all tickets have been sold out yesterday-the first day tickets were offered for sale!

It was “Sleepless Night” at the İstanbul Biennal… So I can sleep only now… The ones who will be awake, enjoy the sunny yet chilly weather and cotton candy like clouds…

Fall of Films

Autumn… The most beautiful time to stroll around Bosphorus…
(Also spring is the other most beautiful time to stroll around Bosphorus…)

Autumn also marks beginning of film festivals one after the other…
(So does spring…)

Here is one of them: 10th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival…
You can find more information here

Photo Courtesy: Belgesel Sinemacılar Birliği

The Cow Invasion

Have you seen the cows invade our lovely town? Beautifully decorated Cows are gracing the streets of Istanbul during the “Cow Parade” city expo. I remember seeing this expo a couple of years ago in Brussels so I think that it got here a bit late but better later than never. Its great to see everyone art being so available to everyone, it’s always a great success when people enjoy events like these so much.
Don’t hesitate to post your own cow pictures if you have some! We can even have a cow contest ;)

The Cevahir Evil Eye Cow
Cevahir Evil Eye Cow

Artsy Taksim

Bread Gate in Taksim

When you walk the streets of Taksim now a days, especially Istiklal, you might notice the various pieces of art positioned in remote locations that are on display and created by university students and artists. This piece here is the bread gate that is located on Istiklal, not far from Galatasaray.

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