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Monopoly game and Istanbul

Monopoly Word Edition is collecting votes to decide which cities will be listed in the new edition. Istanbul could not make it to top 20 yet:)

Check out the neighbours


We’re momentarily blessed with beautiful weather so like the good Istanbulite that I am, as soon as I saw the sun this morning I set out to walk to Kurucesme for grocery shopping.
I was very pleasantly surprised when I got there because of the travel ads for Greece that were plastered all over the walls.
Don’t believe everything you hear, even though there is a supposed hatred between the two countries, I think it’s time for everyone to grow up, get over it and embrace each other before it’s too late.
Hopefully the ads won’t be defaced.


Turkish Cabs

Cab fares in this country are becoming incredible. Yesterday, I was charged 60 YTL for a trip from work back home. I nearly hacked the driver’s head off.In a city where traffic is so hectic you could spend four hours to get from point A to point B, they should at least make cabs cheaper so that people would use them as an alternative to taking their cars out every day.
I hate you Mr Cab Driver.

Asian Istanbul


If you’re anything like me and can’t spend a week without enjoying some Chinese or Japanese food, then you might find the following restaurants interesting. When I first moved to Istanbul four years ago, it was hard finding Asian food but now it’s so hype that you can even find sushi at most shopping malls.

Situated in the Kanyon shopping mall, Wagamama serves noodle and rice dishes that will make your mouth water and your palate feel in heaven. Beware, the flavours and spices used in these delightful dishes are addictive, you will be left wanting for more! The approximate price for a dish is around 15YTL.

Sushi&Noodle House
This small underground Sushi restaurant is my favourite in town. The freshly prepared sushis are exquisite and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. The prices are much better than the rest of the Sushi restaurants in town. I’ve always found the S&N House to be more authentic than the rest which always makes my experience there very enjoyable. (I swear I’m not being paid for these comments ;))

The Hiltons in house sushi palace is well known amongst celebrities and socialites alike. I’ve personally never been but I hear it’s nice and overpriced, whatever floats your boat.

Sushi&Co – Chinese in Town
This chain of Chinse food & Sushi are located in Nişantaşı and Kanyon (there might also be one on the Asian side) seems to be the most famous place to eat such foods. I’ve been a couple of times and apart from their overpriced sushi, I haven’t really enjoyed myself. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got the whole decoration thing right but the food wasn’t as good as it should have been for the price we ended up paying.

Situated in Beyoglu, Wan-na is definitely one of the favourite asian-fusion venues in the city. They shy away from the classic chinese restaurant decoration to offer you a more valuable experience. Live DJs spin their tracks while you try dishes that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. This is a definite must-try location!

Cin Bufe
When I found the Cin Bufe with my friends a couple of years ago I was so very excited. We went a couple of times and then life happened and I didn’t go for a couple of months. When I did return to it though, I must say that the word disappointed doesn’t even start to explain how I felt. The food had become extremly salty and the vent system was terrible so we all ended up smelling like Cantonese ducks. It was such a shame. It’s always sad to see places full of promise sink due to high demand.

Little China
All those who live or love Bebek like I do will know of Little China. An adorable little restaurant with a friendly staff that serves quality food. You must try their Pekin Duck, it’s one of the best in town!

I know there are a couple more in Istanbul and maybe they don’t come to mind but in my humble opinion, I feel that these are the ones worth a mention. Enjoy!

Sleet and Snow

Weather forecast: sleet showers and snow today and tomorrow.
Fact: İstanbul’s weather is radically unpredictable.
Another fact: Different weather conditions can be seen in different parts of İstanbul. Even in adjoining neighborhoods weather conditions differ: sunny next to snowy-that’s not even a bit surprising for İstanbul.
Another fact: İstanbul covered with snow is beautiful…So beautiful that it cannot be described. Yet snowy İstanbul is troublesome (to put it mildly).

So enjoy the snow…and be careful…

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