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84th Celebration of our Republic

When you wiki the 29th of October, you get a list of all the events that happened on that day over many many years.
The one that is of interest to us today is the following:

1923Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, people all over Istanbul and Turkey celebrate freedom from oppression. They celebrate a republic that gave them the opportunity to build lives under a democratic regime.
These celebrations are tainted by the PKK attacks on our country but we will not let anyone tarnish this day for us. We’re proud of every single young man that goes to the front to defend their country. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of these horrible attacks towards our nation but stay strong in wanting to defend what is ours.
Flags are hanging from many houses and business to celebrate and show solidarity towards our soldiers. It’s hard to be happy today knowing that so many families won’t have their sons to celebrate this bayram with them.
There will be a lot of protests and peaceful walks today in Istanbul, tv stations warned everyone to not use their cars because traffic would be awful.

Power cuts & Water restrictions

Has anyone noticed how frequent the power cuts have been as of late? It’s 4AM and I’ve been sitting in the dark for the past five hours, glaring at the ceiling (which I couldn’t really make out in the dark). I can’t think of a more depressing way of spending ones Friday night, especially when I had lots of work lined up for tonight.
It’s rather weird to look at a whole coast completely darkened out. From Bebek to Ortakoy, not a single house had power. The only thing you could see was the occasional glow of a candle lit somewhere amongst the darkness. I’ll stop before I start sounding too depressing.
Could the power cuts have anything to do with the water restrictions?
At the start of summer, the media launched a count down as to when we’d be left with no water at all. Last time I checked it was 20 days and that was a month ago. I had a shower this morning?
I don’t really know where the press get their facts or if the recent rains have helped us with our impending water doom. It would really be nice if the municipality could stop sabotaging my peaceful nights at home by forcing me to search for candles in the middle of the night.
Thank you.

1088 days ago in Metroblogging Istanbul…

This is just to say “Hello” to all authors and readers of Istanbul MetBlogs… I used to start writing here three years ago (exactly 1088 days), and after a long break, now I am back again…
I hope you would enjoy reading and commenting on my modest posts again…

Washington Post, Starbucks & Bosphorus Breakfast

Erkan and I were contacted by Amar Bakshi, journalist with the Washington Post a couple of days ago. He told us about the project he is working on and of his impending trip to Istanbul to spend a couple of days here and get as many views as he can for what he entitled “How the world sees America – Amar C. Bakshi talks to America’s lovers and haters around the world“.
It’s not every day that we have a journalist for a major publication knocking on our door to get our opinion on a governing nation like America.

The adorable Amar, putting up with our endless banter and nagging on politics.

Turkish Bloggers in Istanbul, listen up

How do you see America? Washington Post writer Amar Bakshi ( wants to casually interview a group of Istanbul bloggers on this question for The Washington Post. He’d use video,
and feature your writings on the subject as well.

We’re going to be meeting Amar on Sunday morning for breakfast and lots of opinion swapping (I made that sound dirty intentionally) will occur. Those interested in voicing whatever kind of thought they have of America, positive or negative (don’t forget this is a friendly meeting though) then please email me and I will tell you exactly where and what time we’ll be meeting up. idil [at] angelvox [dot] org

See you there :)

Another Week of Cinema Pleasure

Filmekimi will be held between October 19-25 at Emek movie theatre…21 films will be screened during this İstanbul Autumn Film Week…

It will be a week of cinema pleasure and I’ll voluntarily lock myself up at Emek…
If you want to join this film-feast, please hurry up a bit because almost all tickets have been sold out yesterday-the first day tickets were offered for sale!

It was “Sleepless Night” at the İstanbul Biennal… So I can sleep only now… The ones who will be awake, enjoy the sunny yet chilly weather and cotton candy like clouds…

Fall of Films

Autumn… The most beautiful time to stroll around Bosphorus…
(Also spring is the other most beautiful time to stroll around Bosphorus…)

Autumn also marks beginning of film festivals one after the other…
(So does spring…)

Here is one of them: 10th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival…
You can find more information here

Photo Courtesy: Belgesel Sinemacılar Birliği

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