Istanbulites have no more YouTube, at least for a little while…

I am not totally surprised but it is still surprising; as a citizen of Turkey i know how mighty steps can be taken by the State in case of emergency. One of the most popular websites, YouTube is banned in Turkey for a single video. All the background can be found here or here. The video is ugly. It insults the founder of the Republic. Like it or not, Atatürk is a sacred figure for most of Turkish citizens. And an insulting video would trigger such a popular reaction. However, would it be necessary to legally stop the access to Youtube? In Brazil, a legal step was taken recently. But compared to this one, it is a minor intervention. In terms of net regulation, Turkey is now in league with China, Iran and some other countries in the same line….

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  1. Andy in New York (unregistered) on March 8th, 2007 @ 4:03 am

    Its a shame because what seems to be happening is that the ultra nationalists are now determining the agenda for Turkey. Any slight, perceived or real gives them chance to bring prosecutions and force the Government on to the defensive. Don’t get me wrong I fully understand the importance of Ataturk to Turkey, I lived in Istanbul and my wife is Turkish but this abuse of Article 301 and the stamping out of free speech and intellectual comment by the Nationalists is really beginning to be a problem as they are totally intolerant of any other viewpoint. This idea that be restricting free speech you protect the individuals who make comments is somewhat bizarre.

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