“Two faces of Istanbul

Sabah says:

After the tragic death of five year old Dilara, it has been once more revealed that Turkey is not complying with the European urban conditions constituted by the European Council. Politicians are not making enough politics to impede awry urbanization in Turkey. This is why the money spent for the promotion videos and footages on Turkey is going down the drain.

Istanbul is trendy in other worlds, but Dilara’s destiny shows the existence of other worlds. Dilara used to live in districts that tourists never set afoot.

Dilara and her dad… VIA

Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas announced that ISKI (Istanbul Municipality Waterworks) manager Dursun Ali Çodur was removed from office on Friday afternoon due to a tragic death of a five year old girl who fell into a waterhole which was carelessly left open by ISKI workers. Mr. Topbas later announced how he was said and how he personally decided to remove Mr Codur from his post. Better than nothing. But the systemic indifference for the human lives continue. And I don’t but Mr. Topbas PR moves. He always blames the people in charge who were appointed by himself or through his supervision. If your men regularly have faults, maybe you are a bit guilty too? Istanbul turned to be a big construction site with your own plans and now you admit you cannot finish these construction works without State aid. And we don’t forget what happened to Istiklal street in your mayordom…

AND here is Galip Hoca’s comment: not humans, properties!

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