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A newspaper article on dolmuş…

Finally, someone wrote on Dolmuşs. At first I thought the article was about those small vans that were available all the time. They are my favorite ones though I don’t use them much. In the chaos of traffic, despite what it looks like, I trust most of dolmuş drivers. They are bricoleurs, fast, furious but skilled and experienced drivers. Not necessarily they are gentle but in case you are in a hurry, or in case you are stuck in the middle of night…some lines work 24 hours a day…they are the solution. However, Today’s Zaman article(Appreciating Turkey while packed in a dolmuş) is about those bigger dolmuşs; that have similar logic of transportation with the smaller ones yet they are more annoying and they are mostly available in “normal” hours of the day, until after a little later that official public transportation means stop….

No name change for Pierre Loti Heights!

In TDN’s terms:

One of yesterday’s striking issues was a proposal that Ahmet Genç, the mayor of Eyüp, a conservative district of Istanbul that includes an area of the Golden Horn in question, proposed to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council last Friday to change the name of Pierre Loti Heights to the “Eyüp Sultan Heights.” Eyüp Sultan, a holy man and disciple of Prophet Mohammed, was buried near the site in 1458 and his remains are in a mausoleum there known as a “Türbe.”

The council made a decision late yesterday afternoon and determined the name “Pierre Loti Heights” should remain as it is and therefore rejected the proposal, reported CNN-Turk…..
Well, why one needs that? That name is there for years and why one needs threatened with that? Of course, there are ideological and cultural answers, i am not that naive (!)

“Istanbul’s map of romanticism

As Istanbul bloggers, we could design a more personalized and detailed “map” but here is what we have. Today in Radikal, a short piece points out some cheap but good spots in Istanbul…

Istanbul in three zones….

According to the newest municipality plan, Istanbul will be divided into three zones. The authorities have London and Singapore in their minds.. Here is the news item. But no worries this won’t start before 2012!

YOTA finds a larger place…

The improvisational theatre group YOTA (yersiz oyuncular) finds a large place. It is close to their former place. Here is the address:

istiklal cad. sakız agaci sokak (aga cami sokağı ) 16 / 2 beyoglu
0 212 251 84 31

and here is a play they uploaded to Youtube….

Kurkcuhan – Wool heaven

I have a growing addiction to knitting.
Those who have the same type of addiction know how expensive wool can be in the city which is what pushes me to find cheaper alternatives that provide me with the same quality. I found better!
Kurkcuhan which is situated behind the Egyptian Bazaar in Eminonu (once you head out of the bazaar through the back exit ask your way through to Kurkcuhan) is a haven of wool. Turkey being a big producer of cotton and wool sell their productions overseas but still keep outlets in some areas and Kurkcuhan is a safe haven of outlets where you can buy as much knitting material as you need for 2-3 YTL cheaper than in the city.
You’re faced with piles of yarn and a plethora of people that try to squish you while walking over you (this is part of the experience) to get to the prettiest and cheapest yarn. Everyone there is on a mission so beware! I ended up with a huge 4KG bag of yarn and a smile on my face at the end of my journey to the land of wool.

For those who have Golden Tastebuds

I was in Harvey Nichols on the weekend. I went there with a mission; check out the new Gourmet section that they opened up not long ago.
Upon entering the Gourmet shop which is on the last floor located next to the mens department, you are greeted smiling faces that suddenly follow you whilst you browse the different shelves. There aren’t many items on sale but those who are there make up for those who aren’t. For those of you who are interested in delighting your tastebuds with Strawberry & Champagne Jam can get a jar of it for 40 YTL. Interested in some home made Harvey Nichols pasta? The price tag read 22YTL for a pack of pasta! The sauce was around 30YTL, Arrabiatta being one of the many sauces available. Harvey Nichols production chocolates and toffees were priced at around 40 YTL and if you’re interested in 15 year old balsamic vinegar, the modest price is 110 YTL.


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