Wintertime Islands

After several days break the fog has come back today.
In the meantime we had a mild and sunny Sunday, which I regarded as an opportunity to go to Islands.

Walking on the narrow, steep or stepped streets of Heybeliada while adoring those old, elegant wooden houses, sometimes losing myself in carvings of doors or windows of those houses, eavesdropping talks of chatty seagulls, talking with extremely well-fed, cuddly cats of Heybeliada, watching the clear blue sea and sky and also İstanbul at the distance through those wooden houses or pine trees, walking through the pine forest and smelling that pleasant smell of pines.

In one of my previous posts I wrote: “I love strolling on the Islands…during winter, I should add, during which I can hear my footsteps..during which I hear nothing except my own footsteps. Naturally far away sounds of waves can be heard… and the sound that wind creates among pine trees. Those are the times I meet noone, but cats and maybe dogs. Those are the times the Islands are deserted, but not dejected.”

Well…if you go to Islands nowadays, you can smell pine trees, see beautiful landscape and houses, hear talks of seagulls, dogs and cats, spend a few hours enjoying peace and solitude… and hear your own footsteps… Do you have any chance to hear your own footsteps on the streets of İstanbul? (Except the ladies who wear those exremely high-heeled shoes!) You will have all these plus ached legs because of climbing steep streets:)
The red church…well it is Agia Nikola Church, but since I was a little girl I kept on calling it as “Red Church” Do I have to explain why?
I suddenly came across a small tangerine tree loaded with its orange coloured fruits in a garden of a house… I clapped my hands in delight: because of İstanbul’s high latitude and its average weather conditions are much colder than usual citrus growing regions, citrus trees are rare in İstanbul. But still Istanbulites try to cultivate citrus trees for decoration purposes and coming across them when they are loaded with fruits makes ‘gloomy’ winter days shine…

Heybeliada6.jpg Heybeliada7.jpg
Cuddly cats of Islands are not only chubby but also chose the weirdest places to sit!

I’ll be quite out of the topic now: when we will have the real winter? Rain and snow? It snowed at the beginning of November and from then on nothing! No rain, no snow…

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  1. tan (unregistered) on January 16th, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

    thats increadable writing style,
    good fhotos:)

    i love it!

    i m waiting your other papers


  2. Meral (unregistered) on January 17th, 2007 @ 7:13 am

    Tan, thank you:)
    I’m glad you enjoyed my photos and writing…

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