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Sad Case

We are a sad case. Three weeks away in the UK for the holidays and we ended up spending our time listing all the things we missed about Istanbul; The food, the people, the smells, the traffic, the taxis, the people, the smiles, the khave, the vapur, and again – the people. Its good to be home. Iyi Bayramlar!

ASIR since 1948…

Asir Restaurant is an old style meyhane (winehouse). Because it is not located in Istiklal Street, its audience is a bit different from the street meyhanes.


It is just at the beginning of Tarlabaşı, but next to the building of big police station. So not much concern of security (!) Relatively cheap and quite delicious food you are served…You can find any drinks but of course this is a rakı place…. And i wasn’t expecting that but their sufle dessert is really delicious…

Contact info:
Kalyoncu Kulluğu Caddesi. No:94 Beyoğlu/Istanbul
0212- 256-3438

The Genius of Leonardo

Istanbul is once again playing host to a wonderful exposition. In collaboration with “Next Generation” a Greek events organizer, Rahmi Koc Museum in Halic is offering us the possibility to discover Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. Here is the official description which can be found alongside more information on the actual event website:

“The exhibition contains 40 machines that were built after in-depth study of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs, by a group of scientists and skilled craftsmen.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the mechanisms are life-sized and fully operational. Visitors may touch and set them in motion, combining fun with instruction.

The exhibits take the spectator into the magical world of machines devised by Da Vinci. Not only did this master engineer solve practical problems. Long before our era, he also conceived the precursors of machinery that has been quite recently manufactured, such as the tank, machine gun and aircraft. “

One exhibition after the other, Istanbul managed to prove to the world that it can host such events with success and grace.

Istanbul’s traffic; now a State problem!

On Friday, there will be a high profile meeting between the four ministries and Istanbul municipality in order to solve the ever growing traffic problem. Istanbul mayor Mr. Topbaş says in order to develop and finish Istanbul subway system on time, they need the state aid. Mr. Mayor is ready to forward the subway to the Ministry of Transportation…and according to an OECD report, Istanbul needs 60 billion in order to make investments to reach the EU standards……

Kanyon gets the Architectural Award…

Suzy Menkes in A futuristic mall is new Turkish playground says:

It does not have quite the cachet of the Hagia Sofia or the Blue Mosque. And it was not on the itinerary of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit last week to this city of domes, minarets and traffic jams. But the futuristic swoop of Kanyon’s arresting architecture is a landmark in Istanbul’s burgeoning consumerism. In a city that has become a hip destination for visitors and a magnet for its own country’s population, this shopping center for the 21st century is Turkey’s new playground….

I think as Ms Menkes says Istanbul’s malls might be a real attraction for Istanbul visitors in near future… Time to rewrite guide books:)

Vatan newspaper just announces that Kanyon was given the Cityscape 2006 Architectural Review award….

Get Ready for the Gepgenç Festival!


This will be a youth festival with a difference. It will last five days with many activies in the Kuştepe campus of Bilgi University and its opening party will be at Yeni Melek. Here is its web page and here is a blog by the organizers and here is their site at Bilgi webpage…. I met some of the organizers and I believe it will certainly be a good try!

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