Beware of the September 18 traffic!

That is the next Monday and it is the first day of all pre-college schools. In order to ease Istanbul traffic, first timers, that is primary school first years, started this week- in fact that is not the main reason, but that can still be counted-
People in charge are declaring that they are taking care of that and all but I believe it might turn out to be like Tuesday’s Galatasaray game with Bordeaux. GS people invited their fans for days and they promised that all is taken care of and there would be no traffic problem. Some of us just know well enough what happened. Today UEFA warned Galatasaray because of the traffic problem on the game day.

Anyway, my point is that one should be careful about the Monday morning. All Istanbulites will be on the street for one reason or another. Today my colleages were discussing to come to work very early. Like leaving their apartments around 6 am. But then what are they gonna do in their offices at 6:30 something? [they live in Asian side of Istanbul and our campus is in the European side] So I thought maybe we could have a party. We have some wine in the stock already. That wasn’t accepted though. And people don’t believe I can make at that time:(

This warning is all for you dears, I live by 10 minute walk away from my work. I myself won’t have traffic problem but because of proximity I sure know I will be a little late while trying to exploit every minute I supposedly have as bonus time…

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