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The beauty of private museums and exhibition halls in Taksim is that they mostly have free entrence. And since Taksim is Taksim we all stumble around outside them all the time. Just a couple of days ago I revisited Yapi Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Müzesi and Pera Museum. You have to go there to. I will now tell you why.

In Yapi Kredi there is (but I suspect it will close soon or it might already have closed) an exhibiton on the very intriguing ancient (neolithic) village Çatal Höyük in the middle of Turkey, close to Konya. If you ever read anything about the ancient history of man you be sure to read about this place. If you live in Istanbul, not spending twenty minutes here, is not sane!

Pera Museum is always a pleasure to visit. In additon to the permanent collection there are now two temporary ones. Three whole floors are covered by graduation projects from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Much modern art bores me and I can never understand why movies in art galleries are supposed to be crappy beyond sanity, while we expect quality from all other forms of film. But ignore the boring and enjoy the beautiful things. There is a fantastic fantasy piece on Taksim and on one of the floors there is this robot lying on his back, lit by a spotlight. His metal hands are over his chest in a pondering gesture. His backbone is a thick, multilayered chain. I really love this piece!

My real reason for going to Pera museum, though, was to see “Mehmed the hunter’s Imperial procession – Paintings commissioned by the 17th century Swedish Ambassador Claes Rålamb.” It’s a small exhibition showing the dresses of important people in the old days. All explained in 17th century Swedish! I guess the best thing for me during the whole day was reading those old lines in old Swedish, quite readable actually.

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