Bus is the way of the Turk

For Westernes two things around here alwasy seem to be adopted from a sister novel of Alice in Wonderland: politics and mass transit.

I will not at all talk about politics, but I will talk about mass transit. And I should also be quik to note that my above statement isn’t negative. Rather; as long as the roads are open the mass transit here is a realy easy way of going almost anywhere almost anytime. And, pleasantly enough, during the summer the roads in Istanbul have been much emptier than usually.

But everything go bu bus here. The central parts of the city are starting to get other means of transport, but as soon as you going a bit further bus is the only alternative. Also when going to other cities. Sure, there are som intercity railway, but they are always mych slower than the busses, (!) but of course cheaper (!!).

On the other hand are the intercity bustrips much nicer than what I am used to from home. The service (you actually get food on busses here on intercity trips and if you get thirsty you can ask for water) as well as the busses themselves are of much higher standard than we are used to up in the north.

During the last week and a half I first went to Bursa for my third Turkish wedding and then after a few days of work to beautiful Gökçeada. And not only did I enjoy the destinations; I actually enjoyed the trips themselves. And I really used to hate busses.

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