The joy of foreigners and the expansion of the city

I have enjoyed very much reading all the posts by Stan (like this and this) here on this blog about this enormous collection of everything human that we call Istanbul. They have all been very interesting articles, but mostly I really like them because of the unabashed enthusiasm. The type of enthusisiasm only granted to a foreigner.

In his latest post he even makes something good out electricity cuts. It’s definitely a privilege of the foreigner, which I am also enjoying (not when our water was cut for four weeks though, I must confess). In our hometown we always finds reason to complain at every detail, but away from the oasis of childhood it’s wasier to just like what we like and not bother too much with the things we don’t like.

I know locales might have a different view on constant expansion of the city, but for me it’s absolutely fascinating to see how fast the shape of the city actually is changing. New transports, new huge malls (that some, hrm, people don’t like) and this never ending stream of more or less illegal buildings out in the forrest where I live.

When I first moved here, in early spring this year, I really lived at the edge. Since then intensive building have taken place and I can actually observe how we are being immersed in the city. The dirt outside the house has been replaced with gravel and, after a long struggle, our waterlines have been connected to the city water.

Call me a man of simple pleasures if you want.

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