Gerekli Şeyler

Nişantaşı is the district for the rich, but I do sneek in there from time to time. Usually my goal is Gerekli Şeyler, (necessary things) a real gem of a shop for us with a root in at least one branch of nerddom. In all its reincarnations it has been found in area around Teşvikiye mosque. Already during my first trip to Turkey two years agoI gave it a visit. I was at that time determined to find a place where role playing games were sold in Istanbul and after som help by some roleplaying Turks I had contact with I could find this shop.

To find it was made more difficult by the fact that it had recently moved. When I was going there a second time, early this year, it had just moved and expanded once more. It is still the only place I have found in this city that sells role playing games, but that part is still hardly noticable in the store. The most important claim of fame should be their large range of comics, both in Turkish and English, but the available goods is expanded also to boardgames, different cultural items, hugely expensive toys and more.

The same people that are behind Gerekli Şeyler are also behind Arkabahçe, which seems to make quite good business selling translations of American comics and fantasy books. They have also made a Turkish translation of Dungeons and Dragons, making it the only published role playing game in Turkish. But as a couple of them told me over a dinner back in Januray, this hardly sell anything.

I won’t try to convince anyone to go there, you will all know after reading this if you would fit there or not.

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