When You Yell At Me I Do Not Wish to Patronize Your Establishment

At the risk of sounding culturally insensitive or going too far out on a limb here, I have to say that the most detrimental thing an Istanbul business owner can do is try to pressure a ‘tourist’ to come into their store. Personally I never go to a place unless I go to them first and somehow request ‘help’ or attention. I am immune to the hard sell. Even after a hotel tout chased me through Pamukkale on a motorscooter I did not give in. Why would I want to stay somewhere after the dude stalked me?

Plus I have spent a lot of time in Tijuana, where I was able to innoculate myself pretty hardily.

But seriously. The other day I was sitting on the street watching the reaction of out of towners to the guys who come up to you and say “Hello, come in” and almost always the response was to straight up ignore them if not cross to the other side of the street. I don’t think I saw anyone respond in the manner that the proprietor would have wanted.

I understand that running a business is hard. But the hard sell will make it harder to get the loose walleted foreigners into the store. Most people want a soft sell. People want to feel like they are making their own purchasing decisions and not being coerced.

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  1. Meral (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 12:07 pm

    I’ve never understood the logic behind hard sell. Personally hard sell or even if a slight inviation irritates me and make me leave at once. As far as I’ve observed, I’m not alone in such a manner-reaction. So why to push? It seems a self-refuting behaviour!
    Really what is the logic, has anyone got any idea?

    And such hard-sell techniques are not restricted to ‘toursitic’ places, shops and restaurants; salespeople in those classy boutiques insistent, claiming over and over again how lovely you look in that piece of clothe. But hey, I have eyes, there is a mirror in front of me, and I can decide whether whateever that piece of cloth suits me or not!

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