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IMG_2934.jpg Cemre Kebap
I am treading in dangerous territory here…in Istanbul for just 3 months and already a food critic (well, let’s make that a food “fan”). Leaving Southern California and the vast array of gastronomian (my own word) delights, I thought we had seen and tasted it all. Wow, my wife is right again, I was wrong. We have been overwhelmed by the quality and succulence of the local food. While we are a big “eat at home” family…I have been seduced by a little cafe down the street.
Enter “Cemre Kebap” in Kazasker, just off Minibus Yolu and right across the street from the Kazasker Camii. This little eatery has blown my epicurean doors in and I am loving every minute of it.
This is where the “danger” comes in: first, our limited experience here is sure to show up in our naivety of truly local or authenticate culinary styles. And, my once lithe form is suffering from the repeated onslaught of Alti Ezmeli, Iskender Kebap and the most succulent and savory Fistikli Kebap I have ever tasted.
IMG_3068.jpg A Full Veranda Every Evening
This café has a great veranda and a charming interior, but I would have to say it is the management and clientele that create the atmosphere that makes this such a cool place to hang out. The portly owner takes his frequent (and generous) meals at a table reserved for he and his cronies. However, if I am nearby while he is eating, he orders me to sit at his table, hands me a clean fork, and has me eat off his plate. That is the “Golden Fleece” in this community, for his plate always holds something that is not offered on the daily menu. Even his cronies look with envy as I sample these forbidden delights. Our ravenous family of four can eat, drink and çay ourselves for well under 25 YTL.

Want to hook up? Cemre Kebap, Şakacı Sokakö No 93/3, Kazasker, Kadikoy (0216) 380 36 20

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