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panoramic istanbul

360tr, the panoramic photographs of istanbul site hosts four panoramic tours, the most comprehensive one is the topkapi palace special tour. don’t miss it.

Summer goodies.


Now that summer is here, even though it’s not that obvious when you look out your window and see the rain we’ve been having for the last few days, enjoying the sun on the terrasse of a cafe or going on a cruise on the Bosphorus is obligatory.
When I think Summer I think; holidays, sun, sun burnt, sun tan, sea&beach, watermelon and cherry.
So happy chappy as I am, as soon as I see the first ray of sun I run down to my local grocery shop to buy my favourite fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe..). Arnavutkoy is blessed with one of the best fruit & veggie shop in the city. Kolaylar import fruits and vegetables from all over the world. It sounds like heaven on earth until you face the bill.
I was uber shocked to have to pay 1.5YTL per KG for my watermelon and I had to snob the melon who was a whooping 4YTL a KG!
I understand that some suburbs have higher prices but sometimes I really have the feeling they think consumers are dumb.

On Conquest of Istanbul Celebrations…

(The Source)

I have been meaning to write about conquest celebrations since May 29 when is the anniversary date. These celebrations are mostly orchestrated by pro-Islamic parties and municipalities for some time and they could be good cases of kitsch. However, as usual I was lazy to go out and take some photos or make some first-hand observations. Instead, Cengiz Aktar wrote about them today and here is what he says:

It has been 500 or so years since the conquest of Constantinople. As has been the tradition for some time now, there are nonsensical performances and conferences that have nothing to do with any scientific approach. At a time when the ideology of ‘Turkish-Islam synthesis’ is becoming more and more apparent, one can see the passion that dominates the proceedings.blockquote>

Istanbul burns…really burns…

Source here.

It is sunny, it is just too hot. Be careful people. Better to stay inside….

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