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Rumors and celebrations..

Have you heard about the cab that got burnt down by Fenerbahce fans last night during the celebrations on the Asian side?
Have you heard that they were supposedly stopping every cab/car on the ‘Cadde’ and checking to see if there were any Galatsaray fans in them?
Where were you last night? Out celebrating with your friends or sleeping peacefully? Outside Ali Samiyen or in front of your tv, crying and having comfort food after you saw your favorite team lose the cup and hand it over to Galatsaray? (like AmericanTurk probably did..)
I myself was stuck in traffic behind Besiktas and Galatsaray fans, at 1 in the morning, trying to get home..Spectacular.
I need to admit that it scares me to see how violent the fans can get. I sometimes don’t understand how a whole country can be so passionate about 22 men running around in shorts after a ball but I’m still ecstatic that my team got the cup.
I promise this is my last entry on the subject ;)

bambi strikes khalkedon

legendary taksim hangover meeting point; bambi, is in kadikoy finally. located just next to last stop restaurant and opposite of haldun taner theatre, kasarli durum forever!

although we have lost the championship, here is just another reason to stay anatolian, heh.

Where is Istanbul ?

This is the question…

A couple of weeks ago, Istanbul was placed under Asia in the list… Today, it is under Middle East.

I, on the other hand, think that Istanbul is in Europe !

Are we all blind or shall we just let this be ?

Just go to Metboards and support the true place of Istanbul in the list.

This might look like a minor detail but it is not !

And the winner is..

Galatasaray! In a game against Kayserispor Galatasaray won 3-0 and Fenerbahce lost against Denizlispor 1-1.
I’m having a hard time containing my joy! The streets are probably not a safe place right now though so you might want to stay at home, safe and warm, tucked in away from the trigger happy fans!

Archeological treasures…Baklava crisis…

Columnist Ayse Ozgun comments about Istanbul’s archeological treaures and commends ‘the Sultanahmet Rotary Club for deciding to undertake such a challenging and demanding job as re-establishing the old Hippodrome of the Sultanahmet area to its old glory….’

In the mean time, in these days there might be baklava related protests because of a EU decision. I guess this might be the sweetest kind of protests to take place and I assume the baklava makers will provide free baklavas?

Reina: The Sequel

A month ago, I wrote about the Reina incident and regarding the death of a family that was crushed by one of Reinas illegally built walls. A couple of days later, Reina was completely demolished and looked like it would never re-open. Sunday afternoon, during my walk from Arnavutkoy to Ortakoy, I had the displeasure to see that Reina is now once more in business. As soon as I took my phone out, I had a security guy running towards me but I was faster than him (and younger) and managed to get these two snapshots of the actual wall that crumbled.

reina 2



hidrellez i’ve never joined an hidrellez celebration in my life and this year, thanks to the municipality of kadikoy, i sort of walked into one. ‘hidrellez’ here stands for spring festival, celebrated on the 5th of may all around turkey. here is some good info in english. anyways, it is believed that whatever you wish that night comes true, as long as you stick to the rules. rule number one is that you visualise your wish, draw it on a piece of paper and then attach that piece of paper on a rose tree and leave it there overnight. [as for the rose tree: according to the legend, the two prophets, hizir and ilyas (elijah) meet that night at a rose tree] rule number two: the next morning you take that piece of paper and throw it into the sea (a river will also do). then there is the jumping over the fire custom. all in all, celebrating hidrellez requires a lot and i’ve never had the chance.

Bosphorus sailing competition

The quality isn’t the best because well..I used my mobile phone but it’s the thought that counts? :) Here is a sailing competition that took place on Sunday and that I was watching from my balcony.

Plan your weekend!

The weekend is nearly here so planning in advance might be a grand idea!

Mayday @ Old City in Taksim on Friday 5th 24:00 entry:15YTL
Freestyler DJ’s @ Babylon in Taksim on Friday 5th 23:00 entry:28YTL
Hüsnü Şenlendirici @ Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Salonu on Saturday 6th 20:30 entry:56 YTL – 45 YTL – 34 YTL – 28 YTL
Besiktas – Galatasaray game @ Besiktas on Sunday 7th 19:00 entry: prices range from 40YTL to 400YTL

Besiktas Fans in Taksim…

Besiktas defeated Fenerbahce (3-2) in Fortis Turkey Cup final game and as usual Besiktas fans were gathering in Taksim Square tonight…

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