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Florya Beach opening June 2006

Florya Beach, located near Atatürk Airport, is opening June 2006.

Florya Beach, Istanbul

New experiences

The software that this blog is running through is being updated frequently, which I am very thankful for! With post I mainly want to make you too look around at the blog to see if there are any features that suit you. The two latest features, which I am quite excited about, are

* A calender events engine, where anyone who have the energy to register can add events and everyone else can scan the added one.

* Suggest a story, is found to the right. It means exactly that. Please do!


Istanbul would be much more boring place without Taksim, of course. There you always have that big city feeling available with too much people and all subcultures pushed together in one part of the city; opera lovers, metalheads and transvestites.

But my beloved Kadiköy still feels like the center of a big city, but a city that exists for itself and doesn’t have the need of constantly showing off. The prices are a bit lower than most places on the western side of Istanbul, but more importantly I don’t have to live with the ‘do-you-have-a-lighter people. They are soon over me as soon as I am walking alone in Taksim trying to make me into night clubs that I don’t want to enter.

The whole Kadiköy area is very appealing to me and have some very good pubs, like Karga. Maybe I’m partial to Karga, since they played Tom Waits debute album, Closing Time, in its entirety at my first visit. The only downside is that it’s a quite far from where I normally live my life in the city, so I don’t go there very often, which probably is a strong spice.

starbucks coffee birthday magnet

starbucks coffee birthday magnet

yesterday was starbucks coffee‘s 3rd birthday in turkey. but i recently noticed istiklal dunkin’ donuts closed again. *sigh*

Topkapı Palace presents unseen, rare stuff for the first time.

The exhibition ‘Turkish Bath: The Bathing Tradition and the Art of Hairdressing during the Ottoman Period’ features 130 pieces, 80 percent of which have been taken from the palace’s warehouse and have never before been displayed

Almost Interactive Istanbul Map

Finding roads is not easy in Istanbul…

This map though could give everyone a little help ;)


Tulips, roses and what is next?

According to a TDN news, Three million tulips to decorate Istanbul’s parks and gardens. This is part of a beautification project in Istanbul. Construction works all around the city makes our lives harder to live, despite all its naiveté this tulip business is better than nothing in the mean time.
Meanwhile, “rose” increasingly becomes a symbol for Prophet Mohammed among Islamic circles. Last week one could see roses as themes around since there were many happenings in the whole week to celebrate the birth of the prophet. These celebrations themselves are becoming institutionalized and it would be interesting to analyze but I won’t do this here and now. Maybe later:)

Istanbul reviews for would be travellers…

After a few super busy weeks, Erkan returns to the blog with some links:
A cool history blog, Mavi Boncuk posts about Marginals of old Istanbul .

TavelBite focuses on Nişantaşı: “The ultra-hip area of Nisantasi has long been one of the most desirable areas to stay in Istanbul, thanks to its haute couture shopping and great art….” Robert Haru Fisher writes for Frommer’s and offers a piece for would be travellers: Istanbul Delights: A Turkey Travelogue. In the mean time, Anya von Bremzen focuses on Istanbul’s Food and Wine stuff.

Turkish Cabdriver in Berlin

Very most probably I will be in Istanbul at the time of posting this article but it is being written in Berlin, at the airport to be precise.

This time , instead of dishing out advices and pouring my poison into the blog about how inconvenient life can be in Istanbul, I rather want to tell about a very recent experience with a cab driver today in the ealy morning hour.

Blast in Istanbul; 34 injured

A bomb went off in Bakirkoy this evening and injured 34 people, one of them is in a critical condition. The police are currently investigating and no additional information has been released..

edit: 30 injured, 4 dead..

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