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Aliens in Taksim?

I often went past the extra-terrestrial museum that’s situated in Taksim and never got the time or courage to go in. I’ve always thought that it looked a tad dodgey from outside. Has anyone ever visited the place? I’d like your thoughts on it.

Istanbul’s Labor Day Activities

Tomorrow (1 May), there will be three different places to celebrate Labor Day. The most official one, that includes trade unions and political parties, will be in Kadıköy. It will probably be very colorful and will have the real tone of celebration. If you are not into celebrations, it is better not to go near Kadıköy since most of the roads will be blocked for the event. There will be a small scale event in near Taksim and probably a larger one in Kartal. The Kartal one, organized by Communist Party of Turkey will certainly have a strong anti-EU and anti-US tone. Anyway, these are all legal events. In the old days, there would be one single place for all and you could expect clashes between security forces and illegal groups that attempted to intervene the event. Now there are three places and I cannot guess which one will be the favorute spot for illegal groups….

Intersex – One Day Symposium in Istanbul

While still almost all around in the world, people remain silent about this topic and small children or babies are being cut to fit the society and suffering from failures which can not be undone, Istanbul is going to host an international one day symposum tomorrow.

Intersexuality is reality.

Does Fatih Mosque Become a Tourist Attraction?

Click here for more info on Fatih Mosque….

Yesterday I was passing through the grand garden of Fatih Mosque in order to reach my favorite cafe to watch another football game that was destined to be a miserable show for me. Anyway, this is not point here (!). I saw many tourists around taking pictures and attempting to explore this major Ottoman period mosque. The problem is, as far as I understand, unlike Blue Mosque and others, this mosque is not meant to be for tourists. This seems to be changing though. I heard Fatih Municipality has some plans of renovation around the mosque. But still this summer I will probably see more funny looks at tourists from the residents of thousands of open air coffehouses in the mosque’s surrounding side streets. This place is just too local right now…

Toxic waste in Istanbul

This is indeed an already old news. Istanbul is such a vaste, such a complicated city. I have no idea where this toxic waste is located: Scenes in TV news do not remind me the Istanbul I know (I mean the crowded dense urban space) but it is said that this place is in the boundaries of Istanbul. Well, Hürriyet today reports that “Legal action by the Turkish government has been launched against a pharmaceutical company for dumping toxic waste…”

Choosing our “vapurs”…

Istanbul Municipality asks Istanbulites to vote for one among 8 models for the future boats we will use to cross the Bosphorus. There has been a campaign against the municipality’s reform plans on these traditional boats but I couldn’t follow what happened in the end. Is this poll satisfactory? We will see…

Ambulance ? What is that ?

About an hour and a half ago, I was walking towards Osmanbey to my beloved bank (notice the irony !) when I heard the ambulance siren screaming. It was coming from Taksim towards Mecidiyeköy .

As the ambulance has a priority in traffic , a respecting and apparently experienced driver who wanted take a turn left stopped at the lights waiting for the ambulance to drive through.

It all happened just because he did this.

On forrest, men and housing

Up were I live most houses seem to be illegal. New ones are being built, but others have been left ruins for a long time. The forrest is starting to take over.

Fenerbahçe 4 : Galatasaray 0

The exciting derby match is over…

Fenerbahçe won against Galatasaray; 4 : 0…

24 Hours and 5 minutes later…

The derby game of the year in Turkish league starts between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. More than 4 thousand policemen will be in Kadıköy to prevent possible clashes between fans. According to Football Derbies site this derby is rated to be the number one. Probably Turks rushed to vote there as usual but this does not make this less important anyway. So at the end of a depressively fine spring day, football fans will be oversatisfying themselves! And it won’t be over yet. There will be another derby just in May 3 between Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. So in a month Istanbulites will get whatever they can get from football since Turkey won’t be in the World Cup this summer….

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