Flush twice to save water


I’m writing this right after check-in and before going to my gate for a flight to Brussels. I have earlier just read about the non-intuitive text in the bathrooms of Atatürk Hava Limani on blogs, but never seen it myself. I’m sure a technician could do a very convincing explanation to me about the logic behind this. But the technicians behind this sign obviously lacked severely in communication skills.

“Please help us save bullets by shooting twice.” Which might be true, but sounds as bad.

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  1. BG (unregistered) on March 19th, 2006 @ 10:43 pm

    I wonder if the second push, if executed quickly enough, stops the first flush mid-stream?

  2. metecem (unregistered) on March 20th, 2006 @ 6:42 am

    that’s right BG.

    the second push stops the flush. this may be confusing to some but actually it is a good way to describe what to do (being a technician in heart and making all my technical manuals myself, i could tell that).

    on the other hand, I find it more interesting that people do not seem to care even if the airport management uses those flush mechanisms with two buttons (one half and one full flush button).

    but come on… toilets are always tricky, whereever they are…. I once had a transit flight via Paris and mind you, the toilets were not really in a situation that one would feel like visiting them ( I had to, we had only 10 minutes left or so).

    In Berlin the airport toilets are rather clean but the when you wanna wash your hands the misery starts because you have to turn the water on by hand (hello!! aint to sensors around in germany??) and I really hate that.

    I might be overreacting but I just can’y imagine touching that thingie right after coming out of the cabin….

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