Bulgarian Water.

It is always tricky to write about such stuff. If you are pro your own land you may be quickly stamped as a facist, if you are contra, thenyou might as well become a communist, separatist pig.

I could’nt care less at the moment though because Bulgaria has opened up all the water gates ! and screwed a complete city.

This might look innocent at first sight. Nevertheless, if you open up all gates there (at the Meric River on the Greek border) and raise the average flow from 600 m3/h to 1800 m3/h, something (in this case the turkish flood prevention system) can’t cope with this quantity anymore.

Theoretically, Bulgaria should have seen this coming and could have opened up the gates proportionally, protecting their own damm as well as our dear city, Edirne. They haven’t.

Edirne is now under water, almost completely and the military forces had to pick people up in the city using heavy military vehicles because nothing else could drive. The level of the water is about 1,5 meters now ( that is about 5 feet, i guess). Everything is under water; homes, schools, simply everything.

The story behind is, however, not so new. Since almost 3 years Bulgaria and Turkiye have been discussing on a partner project in order to build a new damm somewhere which does not seem to go anywhere as the Bulgarians do not except some of the partnership regulations.

And mind you, this is the third time in one year that Edirne has been under water.

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