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Guacamole Istanbul style

I am lucky. Whenever my wife and I visit my in-laws near Mersin, my mother-in-law loads us down with crates of lemons, oranges, pomegranates, and my favorite- avacados fresh off the trees in their orchard.

One Minute Bosphorus !

Being on the road today and enjoying the lovely weather, I thought it would be a good idea to show something good about this city.

Enjoy !

Work opportunities for native speakers

or non native speakers that have studied abroad.
If your command of the english language is good+ and you have a working permit in Turkey and are currently looking for a job, please drop me a line and I will contact you regarding job openings we have at the company I work for.

Parkin’ on the highway

Because I have been having a busy week, I could not write before. Although this has become a bit of old news now I would still like to refer to a protest demonstration that took place in Çağlayan Square last Sunday. It was pro-Islamist Saadet Party’s take on Danish cartoons. In fact, I am not interested in commenting on the event itself but its impact on non-demonstrators: This not too finely taken picture is from the highway that passes through the Çağlayan Square. Those cars and vans in the opposite lanes are parked in the highway. A queue of parked buses follows those. Because there were fewer lanes for the ongoing traffic, a three minute passage lasted more than half an hour. Anyway, I am just asking myself and those concerned ones: Can you imagine parking your vehicle on the highway?

Churches in Istanbul

I’ve been working on a list of churches in Istanbul and will be visiting them with a group of friends when the weather gets a little bit warmer. I’ve pretty much covered the ones on the European side even tho there are so many that it’s always very difficult to be sure that you’ve got them all listed.
I’d like you to contribute and give me the names of the churches that are in your area and also I’d love it if you could clear some time in your schedule and join us on our little tour.
Let me know if you’re interested.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, the low cost solution.

Yesterday I’ve had the pleasure of having to fly to Ankara early in the morning and come back late in the afternoon.
I decided to book my flight with Pegasus Airlines which are the newest airlines in Turkey. They’ve got excellent prices and their callcentre is handled by our company so I figured I’d try them out.
More importantly, Pegasus airlines, besides the fact that they are a low cost airline, flies out of Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is situated on the asian side of Istanbul.
For those of us who live on the european side, it might sound like a huge problem, accesswise. Pegasus have shuttles that commute between the two continents every hour and a half so that solves the issue.
I love Sabiha Gokcen, it doesn’t have the hecticness of Ataturk Airport and the architecture is very nice. I know that Turkish Airlines also have low cost flights leaving from Sabiha Gokcen. I think that you don’t have to be flying with Pegasus to be able to use their shuttles towards the airport, the cost of the shuttle fair is 5YTL per person versus 12YTL with Havas.
Pegasus Airlines Website for online booking or reservations:
Turkish Airlines website for online booking or reservations:
Havas website for shuttle schedules:

(let me know if you have trouble finding tickets with Pegasus, I might be able to help.)

Merhaba from Besiktas

As an enthusiastic American expat (by way of Los Angeles) I hope to offer tantalizing bytes from my daily life here in Istanbul. Food, films, and the history that surrounds us here are my favorites so I hope my rambles are worthy of your reads. If I’m not here in my Besiktas apartment, I’m sometimes relaxing in Tophane, helplessly puffing on apple nargile. ; )

Pera Museum and Hollywood syncronicity

That Temiz concert was last weekend. This weekend I decided to go the Pera Museum, way down along Istiklal Caddesi, close to the Swedish consulate. Unfortunately I couldn’t give it the time it deserved. I will have to get back, at least to the painting exhibition on the evolution of the role of women in Turkish society.

What interested me most this time, though, was the temporary exhibition of French Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Fantastic frozen moments placed on walls. For my poor soul, moulded by engineering, no paintings can be as striking as photography.

Okay Temiz and Rythm Group

Last Saturday I went to Yeni Melek show center down in Taksim to see Okay Temiz and his Rythm Group. I have understood that Temiz is quite famous in Turkey, while I mostly knew about him because of his collaborations with the quirky American jazz legend Don Cherry while they both lived in Sweden back in the seventies. Every time I hear Temiz the similarities with Cherry always strike me, especially that limitless playfullness which sometimes is taken so far that it’s impossible to distinguish from children’s play. For Cherry avant garde jazz could be something very serious. But it could also be just playing jazz in a silly hat.

Am I the only one annoyed with AFM Fitaş Theatre?

Well, I would like to stop by AFM’s İstiklal Street branch and watch one of the newly released movies. This theatre reminds me the grand theatres I went in Houston and i like this real sense of watching a film it gives to me… However,
a) There are four cashiers and only one is for credit cards. So sometimes there is a huge queue in that single cashier and if you are a little bit late, while you are waiting in that long line, tickets run out.
b) if you are a bit late, nothing you lose if get the ticket. Because the actual movie starts to be shown after nearly 40 minutes! . This happened twice but the average waiting period is not less than 20 minutes anyway. I am not an anti-capitalist guy at all and I can understand the value of ads, but isn’t a bit long?
c) Some of the restrooms are filthy and smelly, theatres themselves might be quiet dirty…
b) If you are frustrated in one way or another, then you cannot find any official to listen to your complaints. Go and fill in the form in the website…

I will probably go and see other movies there but only until I find a real substitute:)

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