From İstanbul to Bandırma with the Seabus…

Personally I hate travelling on the sea. It is not fear but rather respect to the water. Water is unkindly powerful and could make me vanish in a second if it wanted to.

Yesterday I had to go to Bandırma and as I did not really wanted to drive, I decided to take the seabus. Keeping the conditions of the normal city liners in my mind (they are great, so lovely but rather old, let’s be honest on that!), I was not really expecting much from the seabus. All in all it is a two hours journey.

However, I was very positively surprised to see how professional these will be managed. To dirt, no loud voices, no families picnicking on deck, no smokers ( I am a passionate smoker by the way). There is a pretty good cafe in it and if you want snacks or newspapers you could use the kiosk in it. The personel was very polite and really willing to help. For example, as I realized that my laptop was running out of battery, I asked one guy who worked on the ship and in seconds I had a new seat near a plug so I could use mains. In all seabusses there is wireless internet access (which didn’t work for me but I guess that had to do with my wireless card, all others were surfing) and the journey itself took about two hours.


No shaking, nobody felt seasick. It was a journey as it should be. So if anyone wants to take a ride to Bandırma or Erdek (which is quite near) do take the seabus instead of driving in your car. It saves money (costs 20 YTL for adults) and it saves your nerves (no traffic jam and no headaches).

Bandırma is quite nice, very small but somehow warmhearted. If you come from a big city like Berlin or Istanbul, you might feel a little stressed at first because of the city’s size but you get used to it.

What really impressed me was that in this little city, I saw two music shops selling all kinds of music instruments and really professional ones, too.

If you get hungry, I can recommend “Kebabsarayı” and their delicious meal “Sultan Kebabı”. Waiters were pretty nice and prices are OK.

Go to Bandırma for a day.. Good weather good people.

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